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The Scandalous Scarlet Moon Twine Now Using Correct Stats

A new version with fixes to the stat names.

And the source

I had a complete brain cramp, and used the stats from Scarlet Moon 2 in the initial release of The Scandalous Scarlet Moon Twine Edition. Scarlet Moon uses Power, Speed and Strength, while Scarlet Moon 2 uses Power, Cunning and Charm.

For the first episode it didn’t end up being a big deal. The only place we use stats is the first fight with Buzzsaw, and those choices ended up mapping pretty well to the old stats as well. But this could be a bigger problem in later episodes when stats show up more. It would have been obnoxious to rework the stat choices in later episodes to line up with Scarlet Moon 2 stats. Better to just use the original stats the game was written for.

In addition to the links above, the most recent version is also available on the Downloads page.

The Scandalous Scarlet Moon Twine Edition Bugfixes

New version, with a whole bunch of bugfixes. Thanks for pointing them out Uninventive!

And the source

The Scandalous Scarlet Moon in Twine

Spankers, Spankees and Switches,

So, it sounds like people are really enjoying the first taste of the sequel, especially the new engine, and are getting a lot of enjoyment out of the stat system.

Also, I had my first piece of fanart! An artist named ScribbleOrcus drew the scene in the first game where Clemency throws Scarlet Moon over her shoulder and spanks her on the way to a spanking! You should go to animeotk and check it out.

This got me thinking about the first game some. It’s a little bit finicky, a little bit rough around the edges, and not everyone is able to play it. Considering how well received Scarlet Moon 2’s engine was, I figured I’d see how difficult it would be to translate the first game into this engine. That would ensure more people could play it, and it is less likely to decay into unplayability by the endless march of technology.

I’ve worked on it for a couple of days, and I have the first episode of The Scandalous Scarlet Moon translated. It proved to be quite easy.

And here’s the source

Are there bugs? Almost certainly, so please, let me know!

Obviously, there’s no combat here. I’ve replaced the combat with some action scenes instead. Fights that you *had* to win to continue the game are just static scenes with perhaps a few opportunities for players to make roleplaying choices. Fights that you could lose have proper stat checks, much like the fight with Prometheus and Poseidon in Scarlet Moon 2.

That’s the only new content.

The original version will stay up in perpetuity, and I will do my best to ensure it can still runs. I know there are players out there who like the combat in the first game, and I don’t want to take that away from them. This new version will be for players who don’t care all that much about the combat, or just want to replay the game, or prefer my approach in the sequel.

My plan is to translate an episode of The Scandalous Scarlet Moon in between updates to Scarlet Moon 2. So I’ll translate the second episode of The Scandalous Scarlet Moon after I release the next part of Episode 1 of Scarlet Moon 2.


New version fixing some missing text.

Had some complaints about Bright’s original image. I’ve since replaced it with this:

Bright 0:
New Bright in game

However, I figured I’d generate a few more, and see if any of these others were more interesting:

Bright 1:

Bright 2:

Bright 3:

Bright 4:

AI hands and random kibble on the edges can be removed/obscured with a bit of cropping, so focus more on her design, body type, and making sure she doesn’t have a shoveled face.

Let me know if you think any of these are better, or if I should stick with Bright 0.

Scarlet Moon 2 Episode 1 Day 1 Version 3

New version uploaded with a few tweaks.

— Fixes a bug during a conversation with Eclipse near the end of the current content.

— Tries out a different image for Bright, hopefully looking a little less shovel-struck.

Also, I’m happy to see people so excited! I hope the game lives up to everyone’s expectations.

Scarlet Moon 2: Eclipse Rising Day 1 Version 2

A new version with some bug fixes.

Fixed a bug if you decide to spout off about justice while getting spanked by a supervillain.

Fixed some missing quotes.

Fixed a bug in the code for updating and showing the soreness of your bottom, that could lead to it printing “$soreAspect” if your bottom got too sore.

Scarlet Moon 2: Eclipse Rising Episode 1 Day 1

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of Adult Ages,

Alright, so I’ve released the first version of Scarlet Moon 2: Eclipse Rising! It continues the story from The Scandalous Scarlet Moon with a few caveats. Namely, the sequel takes place in a universe where none of the romances happened. I know, I’m sorry. But they were sucking up too much mental energy, and I didn’t have any to spare to make the actual episodes all that interesting. This also means, incidentally, that your character never met Midnight. So I’ll be able to introduce her for the first time all over again! Isn’t a multiverse canons awesome?

Anyway, the game uses Twine (well, Tweego technically), and can be played right here on the website.

The Downloads page now has a download link that allows you to download a zip file containing the source code, an archive file that can be loaded by the Twine UI, and a copy of the HTML file for local play. You’ll need an internet connection to see the (scant!) AI-generated pinups of the superheroines and supervillains, but the game will run fine without them.

It has no combat, unfortunately, but I fleshed out the stat-check mechanics quite a bit, so I hope the action scene is still compelling. The mechanics are explained on the title page of the game.

Anyway, enjoy!


Scarlet Moon 2: Eclipse Rising. Vaporware? Probably. But Maybe Not.

Hey everyone,

So an Anonymous fan has encouraged me to make a post giving some insight into what I’m working on right now, and I figured, hey why not. It’s been almost a year since I last posted, and I imagine most people have given up on hearing much else from me (I’ve like 90% given up myself!).

So, anyway, I’ve spent the last year mostly not working on spanking game stuff, but only mostly. I have been dicking around with different ideas. Some I wrote up a few initial passages, some never got past the “this could be a fun game premise” musings.

Starting last November, and then very sporadically since then I’ve started working on a sequel to Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon 2: Eclipse Rising.

I’m on my third(?) significant rewrite of the first big scene of the first episode (equivalent in scope to the chase at the start of Episode 1 of Scarlet Moon) as I try to feel out where the characters are now, what kind of stories I want to write, and what makes for interesting-but-relatively-easy-to-manage game mechanics.

That being said, it’s started to slowly pick up steam. I’ve got about 2500 lines written. For context, the first day of episode 1 in the first game was about 3500 lines. But line count is only a very rough comparison, I’d say I’m probably around halfway done, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less.

Three developments have helped spur my return to Scarlet Moon.

First, I missed them. Their story is by no means finished, and they were a joy to write. Some, like Bright, were really only starting to develop when the first game ended. I’d love to see what additional escapade Juliana drags them into.

Second, I was playing around with the avatar generation features on spicychat. Basically, spicychat’s image generator for profile pics is an impressively good pinup generator. I wanted to see if I could create our intrepid heroines. They came out wonderfully, and it helped inspire me to return to their world. I’ll probably toss in some AI pin ups of various heroines and villains as we meet them, though don’t expect anything more elaborate than that. AI image generation is *terrible* at being consistent, and trying to do anything more elaborate than a pinup is going to be tricky and time consuming (and even generating these pin ups can take a while. For every good image, there’s dozens that are just straight up bad and incoherent).

Thirdly, I hit on a game mechanic that I think has the potential to be interesting, help inspire ideas for choices players can make, but shouldn’t be too onerous to make impactful. The mechanics work like this:

You have four stats: power, craftiness, charm, and heroism. Power, craftiness, and charm are your main stats, heroism is special.

The game will periodically give you a stat check, where you’ll have to choose between 2-3 options, each one tied to a stat, just like in Scarlet Moon. When you make that choice, a d6 is rolled and the result added to your stat. If the result is greater than or equal to 6, you pass. Otherwise you fail.

Not so different from the stat checks in the first game. But, this is where things get different. Regardless of whether you pass or fail, the stat you chose goes *down*, and one other stat goes up. If you pass, then in addition to whatever good things happen in the story, you get to choose one of the other two main stats to improve. If you fail, then something bad happens in the story, and the
game chooses one of your other two main stats to improve at random.

So if you have the choices:

Power: Punch him in the face.
Craftiness: Trick him into slipping on a banana peel.
Charm: Convince him to surrender.

And you choose Power: Punch him in the face. then the game will roll a check d6+Power >= 6. Power will then go down by 1 (can’t go below zero). If you pass, you can choose either Craftiness or Charm to increase. If you fail, the game will choose one of Craftiness or Charm to increase.

Heroism is special. Heroism will only improve when you make especially “heroic” decisions in the game. These decisions might be stat checks, or they might have a guaranteed outcome. Regardless of the outcome, if you make a heroic choice, you gain a heroism point.

Later, if you have at least one Heroism point, you will sometimes get an additional “Heroic” choice. If you succeed, heroism will go down by 1, and you can pick one of your three main stats to improve. If you fail, heroism still goes down by 1, and the game will pick one of your three main stats to improve.

So, most of the time you’re shuffling your stats around. There are two ways to improve your total stat count: Banking and spending heroism points, and picking stat choices with a stat at 0. Note you can’t choose a heroism choice if you have 0 heroism.

Of course, heroism generally means “absurdly reckless” and picking a stat choice with a stat at zero means you only have a 1/6 chance of passing. So my hope is that the game mechanics will incentivize players to occasionally do something that is liable to get them in trouble and spanked (the whole point!) to improve their stat pool. But at the same time, passing feels good, and is how you get successful outcomes for your character, so players will hopefully also generally want to do the things they’re currently good at.

Note that were won’t be any CRPG-style combat in this game. I definitely don’t have the time or mental energy for that. Rather, fights will be action scenes written in prose, and will be where you’ll have the majority of your stat checks. In this first scene, you’ll have to succeed on two out of three stat checks to win. A fairly tall order, since your stats will start out quite low (1 in each stat), but should get easier as you play if you’re smart about how you build your stat pool.

All that being said, don’t get your hopes up too much. There’s no guarantee I’ll finish this first episode, and even if I do, I don’t know if I’ll be able to write more. Treat this as vaporware for now, barely more than a sparkle in my eye.

Oh, and here are the images I generated of our intrepid superheroines:

Scarlet Moon in a red thong bikini costume

Anklayana in a green and white thong leotard and thigh high boots.

Bright in a golden armored bikini and goggles, her hand lit up with golden light

The superheroine Eclipse in a black and gold thong leotard, cape and thigh-highs

and the two villains they’ll be contending with in the first episode (assuming it sees the light of day):

Prometheus in a red tanktop and black hotpants, surrounded by flames.

Poseidon (as a girl!) in a blue thong bikini near a body of water.