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The Scandalous Scarlet Moon (Complete!)

My second game, and holy crap I actually completed this one! Take on the role of a Silver Ages style Superhero(ine) named Scarlet Moon as you attempt to safeguard Generica City from a host of supervillains, all while trying to live a normal life like Spider-Man (except with spankings!). Oh, and did I mention that if a supervillain defeats you, you’ll get spanked? Yeah, maybe calling yourself Scarlet Moon wasn’t the greatest of choices.

This game features:

    1. Customize your character however you want! Pick their gender, name, appearance, and clothing.
    2. Experience 7 Episodes of a rather generic superhero story, where you get to make some choices that dictate how your character reacts to the situations!
    3. Engage in turn-based tactical combat. Be careful! Your health and mana are combined into a single stat, energy, you have no way of restoring energy, and you lose energy each round  (this can be turned off). You’ll have to make intelligent and efficient use of every power in your ever-growing  arsenal if you hope to survive!
    4. Get annoyed when you discover that you gain nothing from combat!
    5. Experience lovingly crafted in-story spanking scenes that eschew sound effects in favor of purple prose, and clunky back and forth between the spanker and spankee! How many different ways can we describe getting slapped on the ass? Play and find out!
    6. Prefer to play a Domly Dom of Domliness and don’t relish the idea of your character getting their fanny whacked? Every spanking scene is avoidable! Naughtiness is inevitable, but spankings are not!
    7. All sorts of bugs and crashes that have slipped past me, because let’s be honest, I’m a hack whose too busy jerking it to use proper design, write enough unit tests, and don’t even talk to me about integration tests! (If you happen to discover one of these, please let me know, and maybe we can trick a few people into believing I know what I’m doing).


Love Version

These executables are run using the Love Game Engine. This is slightly more friendly than the Loveless version, but is much heavier, and
may not work on all machines. If you’re a terminal junky, or this version doesn’t display any text on your machine, try the Loveless version below.

Windows Executable

Mac App

Linux Love File

Because each Linux distribution is a little bit different, Love does not attempt to provide an executable like it does with Windows and Mac. If you’re on a Linux box, you’ll want to download the appropriate Love Engine for your version of Linux.

Loveless Version

These versions are run without using Love. It’s contains a Lua executable, the source code and an executable script you can run to play the game. To play, download, extract and double-click
ScarletMoon.bat (if you’re on Windows) and if you’re on Mac, and if you’re on Linux. This runs on your machine’s console so it *far less* resource heavy than the Love version. Still, the interface is a little bit more awkward so it’s only recommended if the Love version doesn’t work for you, or you’re a terminal junky.

One thing to note: The terminal version expects you to press Enter after each command. However, you can input multiple commands by separating them with semicolons. So in combat, a;1 (attack, target 1) will attack the first target (probably yourself, don’t do that), similarly s;s (save save) will save the game to your first save file, and t;y;e (title yes exit) will exit the game.

Windows Executable

Mac App


We don’t bundle a Lua executable with the Linux loveless version for the same reason we don’t bundle a Love executable with the Linux love version (huge variety of
Linux variants making that a hopeless task). So if you’re using the Linux loveless version you’ll want to make sure to install Lua through your package manager of choice. I run Lua 5.3.3 when developing, and it should also work with 5.2, since that’s the version of Lua that Love uses. I haven’t tried it with the Lua 5.4 (the cutting edge) version yet.

Most Recent Source Code:

Source Code

The source code is released under the GPL version 3, while the story content is released under CC-BY-SA. As far as I’m concerned, the two say largely the same thing, just one is a legal document for source code, while the other is a legal document for prose, music, documentation, etc. Basically you can:

1. Take my source code, modify it to your heart’s content and release games for other people to enjoy, so long as you give me credit for my work, and release your modified source code under the GPL v3, or a compatible license.
2. Take my characters, setting, and story and make whatever creative work you want (additional stories, artwork, music, whatever) using them so long as you give me credit for my work, and release your work under CC-BY-SA or a compatible license.

Basically, you can use my stuff to create your stuff, so long as you share your stuff like I share my stuff.




Pandemonium Cycle: The Potion Wars

Unfortunately, I have decided to put Potion Wars into a coma for the foreseeable future. In my opinion, the tone and plot just don’t mix well with spankings. I may someday rip out the spankings and release Potion Wars as a vanilla game somewhere, or rework the tone of the game to be more conducive to spankings. Probably the latter.

Game executable:

Ubuntu ep2.14 executable

Windows ep2.14 executable

Mac ep 2.14 executable

——————————Running under Ubuntu—————————————

The permissions on the Ubuntu executable downloaded from Mediafire are wonky, and I haven’t figured out a good way of fixing them (I love Ubuntu, but sometimes it really pisses me off). Basically, you can’t make the file executable by right-clicking on it, because you can’t get administrative privileges from the properties dialog, like you can in Windows. So in order to make Ubuntu recognize my game as an executable program, you need to open a command-line in the same directory as the executable and write:

~> sudo chmod u+x PotionWars

Ubuntu will ask for your password (note that passwords do not appear when typed on the command-line. However, the computer is reading your keystrokes. Just type in your password and hit enter). Once you’ve provided your password, the program will be made executable.

——————————Running under Mac—————————————


I managed to pick up a used Macbook Pro for dirt cheap, so now we have native OS X executables (well, actually Mac OS X views it as a shell script because OS X “apps” are pieces of shit, but the point is that it’s a single file you can double click on to run)! They’re only compatible with OS X 10.6+.

———————————————-Source Code——————————————————

I have released the source code:

Potion Wars source code

The source code is licensed under the GPL version 3.0. Basically, this means that you are free to download my code and do whatever you want with it, so long as any code you release is ALSO open source, and you give proper attribution to me (AKA Russell) for any of my code that you incorporate into your project. Details of the license can be found under the COPYING file on the repository (and also included in the executable zip file linked above).

See the README for details on how to run it. Note that the code has basically no documentation, because it’s just been me messing around with it for the past few months, and I’m lazy and a terrible software engineer. If you have questions you can e-mail me, and I will help you as best I can. However, it’s been years since I’ve touched that code, so I don’t know that I’ll be all that helpful.



Transcripts have been moved to the Transcripts tab along the top menu bar.


70 thoughts on “Download

  1. Hey Aka wassup? I tried your most recent game update

    Not going to lie to you I wasn’t impressed, it is broken! Maybe I just got to redownload it, but when I tried to spank that warrior amazon woman who was spanking the healer, guess what happened?

    The game crashed.

    Sorry man

    On the bright side the dungeon map layout is pretty cool, please fix this game! I was getting into it and the damn thing crashes.

  2. This happened when I cast spectral spanking just to clarify, when I get an opportunity to spank her

  3. Ok good news

    I re downloaded it, and I was able to beat that lady I kept crashing on.

    The game just seems temperamental

    Sorry for the repeated messaging

    1. No, no this is good! I believe I’ve fixed those bugs in the latest version. Sorry it took me so long to respond, apparently I don’t have notifications set up for when people comment on my game on this new website.

      Anyway, in the future if you could post the contents of the error.log file as well, it would make it a lot easier for me to track down bugs.

      1. I filled out an error log not sure how it sends to you.

        It crashed again during a fight with a scout, it seems to happen during grapples and spanking things that prolong the fight

        1. Is this with the most recent recent version of the game?

          Also, feel free to just copy and paste the error.log file into a comment. Or you could send me an e-mail with an attachment.

          1. Yes I downloaded this yesterday I believe “April 8, 2015 at 10:46 am” Was when I post the comment I think I post it straight after it crashed I can’t remember.

            I am sorry for not sending you the crash report, wasn’t sure how I went about it. There was a little black screen with a lode of game code, should I paste and copy the text of the crash in the bug report? Or just say what went wrong.

          2. I re downloaded when you said you had updated it.

            Anyway sorry for bugging you I sense I am annoying you, my apologies.

          3. What? You’re not bugging me at all! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t waste time fixing a stale bug that had already been fixed. Please send me bug reports. Send me more bug reports. Endless bug reports. Bug reports feed my soul.

            There should be a file in the same directory as your executable called “errors.log.” That should contain the load of game code. If you can’t find that, then apparently the game isn’t creating the errors.log file like it’s supposed to. If you can’t find that file, then yes, just post the code you see in the little black screen.

            And again, you’re not bugging me. It’s not your fault the game crashes, it’s mine, and I want to fix it. But I can’t fix a bug I don’t know about.

          4. Also, I tried, but I wasn’t able to reproduce the crash. If it happens again, please
            email me
            the errors.log, along with a save file from just before the crash.

            Someday, I’ll create a proper form for submitting bug reports. I’ll have a lot of time in May, maybe I’ll see if I can set something up then. It probably won’t take more than an hour (most of which will be spent finding a WordPress plugin and configuring it), but that’s pretty low on my priority list.

          5. Will do I will trying again soon, there is a chance it could be a problem in my end, I am using windows 8.1 not sure what that does.

          6. Far more likely there’s just some combination of statuses, clothing, weapons etc that is generating the crash, and that my games aren’t generating. This is why having a save file that triggered the crash is so important. It allows me to duplicate the circumstances that caused the crash as closely as possible.

  4. At the very beginning of the game, during character creation, I wasn’t able to select any lower clothing past #10 (which I could access by pressing 0), because it goes to the first number key I press. For example, if I wanted option #11, I would try to type 11 but as soon as I pressed the first 1, it would give me option #1.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Apparently I was lazy when it came to the code for clothing selection. I’ll get that fixed by this weekend. Probably not tonight, because I’ve got Stuff, but definitely by end of day Saturday.

  5. I want to thank you for this spanking rpg, I am a big fan of rpg and I like spanking too and your idea was great. The soft is also great. I play on windows 10 OS and for now I did not notice any bug or crash, I just finish the vengadour attack in the guild.

    I just note two think : 1) if was not able to make a male character, finally it was not a problem because it is more pleasant to see an heroine being spanked; 2) Is it possible to switch the keyboard from qwerty to azerty, as I am french and using an azerty keyboard (this said, it is maybe the reason why I was not able to make a male character but I have tried all the possible key)

    Last question, is the soft complete or under constrcution, just to know if I will have to wait for next chapters ?

    Anyway, great job, keep doing it, I support you 100%

    1. I’m you like the game. I feel the same way you do about seeing heroines being spanked, not heroes. Some people like the opposite. The nice thing about spankings, is that everyone has a butt. So, it is easy to give the player a gender choice. The spanking scenes are still mostly the same.

      As far as qwerty, vs. azerty: I will see what I can do. It sounds like the game engine uses the _key_ (as opposed to the _letter_) that is pressed. So the key that is “w” under qwerty is interpreted as “w” regardless of keyboard. A properly programmed game would use the _letter_ not the _key_. So whichever key is “w” would be recognized as the “w” key, regardless of where it is on the keyboard.

      Unfortunately, I am no longer developing Potion Wars. There are several reasons, but the most important one is that I don’t think the story is appropriate for spanking porn. It’s too serious, and too dark. The second is that my codebase was terrible. So I’m restarting. I’m working on a superheroine game, and right now I’m coding up the engine. I’m trying to make this code much better structured, documented, and tested than my Potion Wars code.

      1. Ok, thank you for your honest answer, I will still continue ta play potion wars. I think heroic fantasy/fantasy/medieval is a good environment for spaking porn but you are the boss. Anyway, I will follow you because as I say, I like your work and if I can help yo (beta testing maybe or else) just tell me.

        Good luck

        1. I finsish the content, the chapter 1 was very nice, the spanking bith in the story and in the gameplay was a good idea. But apart spanking people because I like I did not understand very well what it does in combat. Moreover, I was thinkin that maybe spanking receive during story moment can have an impact on the character, maybe something like a bottom status or bottom bar showing how red and bruise the ass is and giving bonus/malus. I do not know, after all you are the boss !!! It is just and idea

          Anyway, I can not wait to test your new project !

          1. Spanking in combat inflicts the “Humiliated” status on an opponent. When an opponent is humiliated, they receive a -1 penalty to all their stats.

            Also, in-story spankings do have an impact on your character. If you look at your character’s description under the character menu, there will be a description of your bottom. That description changes as your character gets spanked.

            I’m always looking for beta testers. Send me an e-mail at

    1. First, it looks like the name of the link for the WIndows version with an embedded JRE was named incorrectly. Did you download the Linux with an embedded JRE? If you did, and you’re on a Windows box, it’s probably because of that.

      Try downloading the now properly named “0.1.x Windows with Embedded JRE.”

  6. hey um……i kinda don’t know about this but the text is like so far awayf rom teh screen that well i can’t even read it,i tried to make the tet size normal but it didn’t work…it was kinda hard for me to enjoy the update with the text size so far away and having to get closer to the screen to read…..and still not even see it

    1. By “far away” do you mean “small?” If so there, should be an option on the title screen called “Change text size” with a dropdown menu. You should be able to select a larger text size there.

      The game is basically doing a best attempt to automatically scale the text size to fit your screen, but the algorithm I’m using isn’t particularly sophisticated. Basically, I pick a size that looks good on my screen, and then the size gets scaled based on how “large” (in terms of resolution) your screen is compared to mine. So it may not work well if your screen is much larger or smaller than mine.

      1. That being said, could you tell me what your screen resolution is, and perhaps send me a screenshot?

        Furthermore, you can edit the text size without opening the game. After running the game once, there should appear a file under the “resources” folder called “” There should include a paramater called `font_size`. Feel free to set that to a much larger number.

        1. Also, I may have found a bug, that caused any screen with a smaller width than mine to use a font size of zero…

          Actually, I don’t think it would necessarily use _zero_, but I don’t put a minimum on the font size, so it could end up _really_ tiny.

  7. i can’t seem to install the game properly is there a guide to follow somewhere, I’m playing on a mac, thanks to anyone who provides assistance

    1. Unfortunately, support for Mac is spotty at best, because I no longer own a Mac, and Java’s claim of being cross-platform is a damned lie.

      Your best bet is to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Java, and download the Linx_Mac version No JRE:

      After expanding the tgz file (.tgz is a lot like .zip, except more common in the Linux world. Mac should be able to Just Handle .tgz files, there should be a file called “ScarletMoon” right click on that and execute it.

      If that doesn’t work, then your next best bet is to download the source code:

      Once you unzip that, there should be a file called “gradlew.” Open in a terminal in that file, and type “./gradlew run.” This will build the game from source and run it. It’ll take a while though (at least a minute).

      Sorry that running the game on a Mac is so painful!

      1. I have downloaded java and click on Scarlet Moon but it says that there is no java runtime preset, i am don’t understand computers that much can i please have some more assistance

        1. never mind i figured that out, now i am stuck at the terminal part i try to run gradlew but it does all this stuff and says build successful, i am confused on what i should do

          1. Don’t just type “./gradlew” at the Terminal, type “./gradlew run”

            That’s two words.

  8. When I try to run the ScarletMoon executable in Terminal for mac (in the non-source code download), I keep getting an output error saying “Exception in Application start method”. Frankly, I’m clueless as to how to work with that. I downloaded the source code as well and opened the gradlew executable in Terminal, but after it built the game I entered “./gradlew run” and the output error this time is “No such file or directory”, despite the fact it’s within the same Terminal window as the gradlew executable. Might be a path issue from what I’ve read, but again I’m kinda clueless as to how to work with this. Terminal isn’t exactly something I’m familiar with. Any help you have to offer would be appreciated.

    1. After experimenting around, I’ve found that the common problem in both the source code download and the No JRE Mac/Linux download is the error “Could not find or load main class org.gradle.wrapper.GradleWrapperMain”. This happens when I try to run the .sh file in Terminal, and when I run “./gradlew build” after double-clicking the gradlew executable in the source-code download. From what I read up on that issue, it’s an issue with the environment, which might just be an issue with my shitty Mac or something. Tragic.

      1. Yeah, needless to say, Java’s “run anywhere” mantra is greatly exaggerated. I’m currently investigating a different language, Lua, and an associated game engine called LOVE. LOVE allows you to build a native application for Mac without actually owning a Mac.

        Lua itself is also a much smaller language, with far fewer moving parts than Java. So as a side project, I’m creating a prototype engine (basically just a CYOA engine) with LOVE that could be grown into a more complete engine. We’ll see if that is more cross-platform.

        Obviously it’s slow going, because I don’t want to halt all development on Scarlet Moon while playing around with a different game engine, so playing with LOVE is only a second priority that I work on when I just need a break from writing.

        1. Gotcha, I’m glad you’re putting the effort into doing that, even if it’s just on the side. I’ll try to stay updated on Scarlet Moon, even if I can’t play it at the moment.

          1. In case you missed it, I’ve released a test game using the new Lua engine. You can find a link for it in this blogpost:

            If you could download and try it, I would be grateful. There isn’t much there (for one thing there aren’t any spankings!), but it’s not really meant to be its own full-fledged game. Rather I want to see if Lua is as cross-platform as people claim.

  9. Hello, I was trying to run the latest scarlet moon update on a macbook and when I’ve gone to try and run it it comes up with this.
    if [ -d “bin” ]; then
    echo “No binary found, running using the gradle wrapper.”
    ./gradlew run

    If someone could help I would appreciate it, thanks

    1. Well, that’s the script that is supposed to be executed. Is it printing an error message, or just opening the file (i.e. in Textedit or something)?

      If it’s just opening the file, try doing the following:

      Rename the script to “ScarletMoon_linux_mac.command”. Try to run it by double clicking on it.

      If it fails with a permission error, then open a terminal in that directory and type:

      `chmod a+x ScarletMoon_linux_mac.command`

      If you get a error message when executing this command, try

      `sudo chmod a+x ScarletMoon_linux_mac_command`

      and type in your password if any.

      Then try double-clicking it.

      If it _still_ doesn’t work, then in that same terminal type `./gradlew run`. It’ll take a while to boot up (since it’s compiling the source code and building the jar), but that should get it running.

  10. Looks like there’s a typo in one of my directions.

    It should be `sudo chmod a+x ScarletMoon_linux_mac.command` NOT
    `sudo chmod a+x ScarletMoon_linux_mac_command` (note the period instead of an underscore between “mac” and “command”). Does fixing that fix your problem?

  11. I can’t seem to get Scarlet Moon running. When i open the bat file it just closes after a few seconds and a log and a new file named ScarletMoon appears(which is emty). What can i do?(I’m on windows 10 64bit)

    1. Hmm. First, is Java installed? If not, make sure to install Java:

      If Java is installed, then it may be that the $JAVA_HOME variable is not set like it’s supposed to be. In other words, the program may not be able to *find* Java so that it can run. To set JAVA_HOME, do the following:

      1. Right lick “This PC” and select “Properties” on a file explorer window.

      2. Select the “Advanced” tab along the top.

      3. Select the “Environment Variables” button just above the “OK”, “Cancel”, “Apply” buttons.

      4. Under “User variables for ,” where is your username, select “New.” A dialogue should pop up with two entries “Variable name” and “Variable value.” For “Variable name” type “JAVA_HOME” for “Variable value” type “C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_161”

      5. Restart your computer.

      6. Try the game again.

    2. I recently posted a test game using a new engine I’ve written in Lua. You can find the link on this blogpost:

      If you could try out that test game, and let me know if it runs smoothly on your machine, I would be greatful.

      I’m trying to see if that engine is any more cross-platform than my Java one. If it is I plan on migrating the game over to that new engine.

  12. Hello I tried to play scarlet moon and it launches but all the buttons are blank and i do not know what to do. Please help.

    1. Well, that’s certainly a new one.

      What operating system are you using? Windows? Mac? Linux? Could you send me
      a screenshot? My e-mail address is, or you could just upload the screenshot somewhere and send me a link. What happens if you press `S` (for Start Game) and then `Enter` to confirm character selection? Does game text show up, or is that also blank?

      1. A new HTML version has been uploaded. It’s got static content, and it’s kind of awkward to navigate unfortunately, but it will at least let you enjoy the content, despite me being unable to solve your problem.

  13. hey there is a error in the lego boss i cant remember its name when i try to do something happens mid way during the fight when any move or something happens for some reason an error happens and im playing the newest update

    1. If you could send me a savefile from just before the crash, as well as the log itself, that would make my life much easier.

      At the bare minimum, what AI levvel are you using? I just found a crash when using the average AI, but haven’t been able to find anything with the smart AI.

          1. You don’t sound stupid. It’s a bit more complicated than I would like. I’m assuming you’re using Windows 10.

            Your savefile should be saved under C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\LOVE, where “user” is your username. So, if your username is “anonymous”, then it would be


            Note that Windows may be hiding the “AppData” folder from you. If that’s the case, you can just type the directory in directly in the file viewer.

            The save files are “savename.sav” while the log is ScarletMoon.log. The log file is in the same place as the save files. If you have difficulty finding
            your savefile, open Scarlet Moon and save your game. The game will tell you where the savefile is located.

            Attach both of those files (your save, and ScarletMoon.log) to an email and send it to


        1. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to duplicate the crash, and it looks like the log file got overwritten. Looks like you may have started up the game at some point after the crash.

          So what I need you to do is duplicate the crash, and then send me the log file *without* reopening the game. Let it crash, close the game and then send me the log.

          When you reopen the game, the log file gets overwritten.

  14. What should I do to start the Midnight route? This character is not shown at all for my game. I finished the game twice until the last episode was released.

    1. In order to see Midnight, you need to have shown interest in neither David nor Natalie, and the player has to be “spankable” (which can be toggled on or off in the Options menu). If this is the case, at the start of episode 5, after breaking up the criminals at the dock, you will chase a shadowy thief. After a little bit of back and forth with the sexy thief, there will be an event with six options. If you pick one of the hesitant choices (lots of “umms”) then you’ll kick off the Midnight romance.

  15. Hello, I had been hoping to take a shot at editing some the the potion wars source code, but when I click on the link I get a 404 error message, page not found. Have you removed the source code from GitHub?

    1. Apparently, I did indeed, years ago. However! I managed to scrounge up the source code in my old Mediafire account. Not sure if it’s the latest, but there is an in there, so it should have at least the complete first episode. I’ve updated the link with a copy.

      Also, I apologize for the nightmare you are about to descend into. Prepare yourself for a horror beyond all reckoning.

      Also, note that it’s using a (now old) version of Pygame: I don’t even remember what version it is.

      1. Thanks! Also, I have no fear of old script. The challenge makes it more rewarding. So thanks for the link!

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