Monthly Archives: October 2020
Scarlet Moon 5.2.6

Just uploaded a new fix addressing some feedback from folks over at F95Zone:

1. Fixed two crashes, one caused by fighting Succubus with Average AI (again. The Average AI is the bane of my existence.), the other caused by trying to equip a two-slot item using the shortcut keys presented on the main story screen.

2. The game now has an off-white background with dark text, rather than a dark background with white text. One commenter was complaining that light on dark was harder to read than dark on light. I didn’t have a strong opinion, so flipped it around.

3. Reworked the “Welcome to my game” page at the very beginning. Rather than giving a list of what you can expect to see in the game (hint hint: it’s spankings), it now gives a brief overview of how the UI works. In particular, I realized that people new to the game probably don’t realize that you don’t *need* to go to the separate command page to access commands. For example, you don’t have to press “.” and then “c” to access the character screen. You can just press “c.”