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Scarlet Moon 7.1.12

New version uploaded with a fix to a crash in Episode 5 Day 2. Thanks VikingSpanko for pointing it out!

Also, don’t forget I’m currently putting out a call for ideas for Aspects for the player to choose from in Mischievous Misfortune: Aspects of Mischieovus Misfortune


Mischievous Misfortune Aspects

I’m doing the groundwork for Mischievous Misfortune right now. I have most of the character creation screen done, as well as the sidebar that allows character customization. Right now, the only thing left in character creation is coming up with Aspects for the player to pick.

Aspects are brief phrases that establish a fact about your character. Could be about their background, personality, how they approach problems, etc. These can then be invoked to let the player pass skill checks without rolling, or compelled to complicate your character (mostly to get their fanny whacked). Aspects can range from things that interest them (“Distracted by the Shinies”) to how they approach problems (“Act First, Think Second”) to even outside facts about the character (“Watched Over By A Mysterious Figure”).

Perhaps one of the best examples of aspects I’ve seen is the song I Am Moana from Moana. This song is basically Moana listing a bunch of her aspects: “Daughter of the Village Chief,” “Descended from Voyagers,” “It [the Sea] Calls Me,” “The Call [of the Sea] is Inside Me.”

So what I need from *you* dear readers are suggestions for aspects! Aspects should be double-edged swords: you should be able to think of a few ways the Aspect can benefit your PC, and a few ways it could make their life complicated. For example, “Act First, Think Second” may allow the PC to escape a sudden ambush, or snatch the jewel as soon as things go south, but it might also cause them to leap blindly into a trap, or even say something stupid to their Aunt, who just so happens to be tapping a rather thick looking paddle against her palm.

I want 5 Aspects, of which the player chooses 3. Currently, I have the following possibilities:

“Distracted by the Shinies”

“Act First, Think Second”

“Cocky Casanova/Cheeky Femme Fatale” – Technically this is two aspects, but they represent dominant/submissive versions of the same thing. These will mostly apply when you have an opportunity to manipulate someone (or be manipulated, or run into angry ex-lovers or whatever). The aspect invoked or compelled simply determines if you take a dominant or submissive role in your seductions.

This is your opportunity to push me into writing a bunch of situations that you like, so don’t be shy! I’m going to be looking for every opportunity to compel or invoke Aspects. So if there’s a situation you want to see a lot of, try to create an Aspect that captures it and tell me about it. Remember that the basic premise of the game is that your character is a cat burglar trying to make a buck while being hounded by a Superman-esque superhero(ine) called Moonlight, and either a Batman-esque supermanhero(ine) named Eclipse, or a Catwoman-esque burglar whose name is TBD. That’s still up in the air. Meanwhile, you and your old, but strict Aunt will be working hard to make ends meet.

Naturally, if I like someone else’s idea better, I will replace one of the aspects above, so don’t stay silent if other people have already suggested a bunch of Aspects! I’m looking for all the ideas I can get. Also, your suggestion doesn’t have to be boiled down to brief phrase. Feel free to give me some vague, wordy paragraph describing what you want the Aspect to capture. I can then take that paragraph and try to come up with an Aspect that captures it.