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September Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages,

I’ve finished writing all the events for the first level of the dungeon (of two). Yay! Originally I had two other events planned, that I was going to write after releasing this level, one at Sofia’s clinic, and one at a Taironan church. But they don’t really contribute anything to the plot, and are probably better off being incorporated into an episode where they play a bigger role.

Furthermore, the first floor of the dungeon is designed and implemented. The things left on my to-do list:

  1. Finish the spanking combat text for any enemies whose text hasn’t been written.
  2. Balance the game.
  3. Toss it at my beta testers
  4. Debug the catfight code, and finish writing any in-combat spanking text for said catfight.

In the interest of getting something out, I’ll probably skip step 4 for now. Basically, in the location where a catfight can occur, you’ll just be given the choices to instantly win or lose, instead of instantly win, lose, or actually fight the catfight.

Note to self: Next time, build the dungeon with just encounters, write the enemies with placeholder spanking content, and throw it at my beta testers so that we can start balancing the game before I finish writing the text.