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July Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

So June wasn’t super productive, at least not on Scarlet Moon. That being said, I have finished making the bulk of the current text dynamic. There’s a little bit more that I need to make dynamic, and I’m waiting on some scenes from someone who was gracious enough to write a few for me. Then I need to define the villains, and the supervillain’s powers. Then comes the playtesting. My current plan is to release the next update by the end of August. We might get earlier than that, but I’d rather people be pleasantly surprised than unpleasantly.

However, there is some bad news. Due to certain positive developments in my life, I have far less time to work on my game than I did when I started. So, I’m going to be scaling back the game some. In particular, I’m going to be making the following changes:

1. No music. Picking the right music is extremely time consuming, especially since I need to go through the various free music archives out there and hunt for things that might work. On the bright side, this will make the download _much_ smaller.
2. The player will only be able to choose their character’s gender, everybody else’s gender will be set in stone. Making the text dynamic (meaning it changes depending on certain options) is very time consuming, even for something that seems simple like gender swapping. Effectively, what this means is that the vast majority of characters will be women, though there will be a few male tops scattered throughout.

I may also rethink the player’s choices. The next update is going to have a one or two fairly elaborate spanking scenes with quite a bit of interaction from the player. However, spanking scenes are some of the most time consuming and exhausting to write, especially when they are variations on the same scene (coming up with a new scene and writing it in the spur of the moment as a part of how the story flows is fun and invigorating, writing the sixth variation of the same scene gets pretty tedious pretty quickly). This usually means that I don’t have the energy for creating interesting dungeon-exploring choices. So the spanking scenes may be a bit more set in stone in the future.

Scarlet Moon will also likely have a more well-defined personality. After writing the spanking scenes, coming up with choices is the next most time consuming and mentally draining part. So I will likely try to be a bit more judicious about what kinds of choices the player can make.