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Scarlet Moon 7.1.4

New version up that fixes a crash pointed out by Wildfire, and an inconsistency in the first scene, also pointed out by Wildfire. Thanks Wildfire!

Scarlet Moon 6.2.2

New version up with some fixes to bugs pointed out by Wildfire over at animeotk:

1. Some event names were malformed, leading to loading errors if you saved and then reloaded in the middle of the episode. I’ve fixed those event names, and also added a bit of logic to repair bad saves at load time, so you should be able to just load your game and keep playing. If that doesn’t work, starting from the beginning/the start of episode 6/the end of episode 6 day 1 should all work.

2. Fixed a couple of typos.

3. Fixed a bug where Scarlet Moon wasn’t properly gaining Power when choosing the Power option during the episode’s climax.


Scarlet Moon 5.1.12

New version uploaded that fixes some crashes when attempting to load some save files.

If the game is crashing when you’re attempting to load one of your saves, I’d suggest downloading this version and giving it a try.

Scarlet Moon 5.1.5

A new version has been uploaded with some bug fixes kindly pointed out by Wildfire over at animeotk. Thanks Wildfire!

– Fixes the description of Airburst and Twister.
– Fixes a crash when you try to use Airburst, and attacking after using Twister.
– Tempestas’ powers were royally screwed up is what I’m saying.
– Fixes a crash when fighting Princess, because her summons weren’t being properly initialized before getting thrown into combat.
– Fixes a bug where Princess was summoning her minions on *your* side instead of *her* side.
– Fixes a bug where the game wasn’t saving Princess’ state, so if you passed the Speed test while fighting Princess, and then saved the game, she didn’t start the fight with the reduced energy she should have.
– Tweaks a bit of dialogue in episode 4 where the player references events in episode 2 that didn’t actually happen if you managed to defeat Succubus in Silver’s office.

Yeah, I skipped 5.1.4. Apparently I just really hate even numbers.

Scarlet Moon 4.2.19

A fan was kind enough to send me a bug report for a crash that happens when you’re fighting Prometheus and Poseidon, and defeat their summons before you defeat them.
A new version has been uploaded that should fix the crash. Many thanks!


Scarlet Moon 4.2.7

Fixes a bug where the Love game wasn’t displaying already-existing save files. So you shouldn’t have to start all over again to see the new content anymore.


Scarlet Moon 4.2.6

Spankers and Spankees,

A couple of bugfixes, one kindly pointed out by giant432, and three I stumbled across while fixing giant432’s bug. Thanks giant432!

1. The game was crashing when you had combat turned off, and the game tried to give you the win or lose page.
2. Backspace wasn’t working correctly (and by “correctly” I mean, “at all”) when inspecting a character in combat in the LOVE version.
3. You couldn’t actually save the game in the LOVE version if you didn’t already have a save file. Anyone who says Scarlet Moon isn’t friendly to new players…is apparently correct.
4. The Loveless version wasn’t able to load save files from the Love version, because of some options (the font sizes) that don’t exist in the console version.

You can get the latest version over at the Downloads section. Sorry about that!

Scarlet Moon 3.1.4

New version posted, fixing a crash in episode 2 day 1 kindly pointed out to me by a fan via e-mail. This is what I get for modifying earlier stuff. -_-

September 2018 Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’d hoped to have the first day of episode 3 ready by now, but alas, I do not.
Sorry. I failed to account for the fact that it usually takes me about a week
or so to shift my headspace from “writing” to “coding” so I haven’t been as
productive implementing the powers and characters as I hoped. I’m currently
working on implementing the villains’ powers, and the powers for Tempestas.
Should definitely have something by October, possibly earlier depending on how
many bugs I run into.

Also, I recently linked a new game to Other Spanking Games. It’s a CYOA called
the Rear Gaze Hotel. I really enjoyed it, so I’d encourage you to go check it
if you haven’t already. Hopefully, it can keep you mollified until I release new
content for Scarlet Moon.


Scarlet Moon 3.0.10

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Yup. A new version, not even 24 hours after the last one. This one fixes a crash
in the new event I added yesterday to highlight your job as a waiter/waitress
(yeah, so I didn’t actually *test* that event before I released it). Thanks
42idiot for being patient enough to report the crash, complete with logs!

Also, while I was in the neighborhood, I saw all that lovely space on the right
side of the screen, and decided to *also* display your character’s bum status.
I’ve been tracking it, I just haven’t displayed it anywhere, because the
character creation screen (where it was displayed in the previous version) was
crowded enough already.

So now you’ll see your bum status update in real time as you get your naughty
heinie swatted good!

Or it’ll just be boring, static text if you’re one of those *lame* people who
insist on being a goody two shoes superhero who never ever gets swatted.

Get it in the Downloads section!

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