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Scarlet Moon 6.2.2

New version up with some fixes to bugs pointed out by Wildfire over at animeotk:

1. Some event names were malformed, leading to loading errors if you saved and then reloaded in the middle of the episode. I’ve fixed those event names, and also added a bit of logic to repair bad saves at load time, so you should be able to just load your game and keep playing. If that doesn’t work, starting from the beginning/the start of episode 6/the end of episode 6 day 1 should all work.

2. Fixed a couple of typos.

3. Fixed a bug where Scarlet Moon wasn’t properly gaining Power when choosing the Power option during the episode’s climax.


Scarlet Moon 5.1.12

New version uploaded that fixes some crashes when attempting to load some save files.

If the game is crashing when you’re attempting to load one of your saves, I’d suggest downloading this version and giving it a try.

Scarlet Moon 5.1.5

A new version has been uploaded with some bug fixes kindly pointed out by Wildfire over at animeotk. Thanks Wildfire!

– Fixes the description of Airburst and Twister.
– Fixes a crash when you try to use Airburst, and attacking after using Twister.
– Tempestas’ powers were royally screwed up is what I’m saying.
– Fixes a crash when fighting Princess, because her summons weren’t being properly initialized before getting thrown into combat.
– Fixes a bug where Princess was summoning her minions on *your* side instead of *her* side.
– Fixes a bug where the game wasn’t saving Princess’ state, so if you passed the Speed test while fighting Princess, and then saved the game, she didn’t start the fight with the reduced energy she should have.
– Tweaks a bit of dialogue in episode 4 where the player references events in episode 2 that didn’t actually happen if you managed to defeat Succubus in Silver’s office.

Yeah, I skipped 5.1.4. Apparently I just really hate even numbers.

Scarlet Moon 4.2.19

A fan was kind enough to send me a bug report for a crash that happens when you’re fighting Prometheus and Poseidon, and defeat their summons before you defeat them.
A new version has been uploaded that should fix the crash. Many thanks!


Scarlet Moon 4.2.7

Fixes a bug where the Love game wasn’t displaying already-existing save files. So you shouldn’t have to start all over again to see the new content anymore.


Scarlet Moon 4.2.6

Spankers and Spankees,

A couple of bugfixes, one kindly pointed out by giant432, and three I stumbled across while fixing giant432’s bug. Thanks giant432!

1. The game was crashing when you had combat turned off, and the game tried to give you the win or lose page.
2. Backspace wasn’t working correctly (and by “correctly” I mean, “at all”) when inspecting a character in combat in the LOVE version.
3. You couldn’t actually save the game in the LOVE version if you didn’t already have a save file. Anyone who says Scarlet Moon isn’t friendly to new players…is apparently correct.
4. The Loveless version wasn’t able to load save files from the Love version, because of some options (the font sizes) that don’t exist in the console version.

You can get the latest version over at the Downloads section. Sorry about that!

Scarlet Moon 3.1.4

New version posted, fixing a crash in episode 2 day 1 kindly pointed out to me by a fan via e-mail. This is what I get for modifying earlier stuff. -_-

September 2018 Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’d hoped to have the first day of episode 3 ready by now, but alas, I do not.
Sorry. I failed to account for the fact that it usually takes me about a week
or so to shift my headspace from “writing” to “coding” so I haven’t been as
productive implementing the powers and characters as I hoped. I’m currently
working on implementing the villains’ powers, and the powers for Tempestas.
Should definitely have something by October, possibly earlier depending on how
many bugs I run into.

Also, I recently linked a new game to Other Spanking Games. It’s a CYOA called
the Rear Gaze Hotel. I really enjoyed it, so I’d encourage you to go check it
if you haven’t already. Hopefully, it can keep you mollified until I release new
content for Scarlet Moon.


Scarlet Moon 3.0.10

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Yup. A new version, not even 24 hours after the last one. This one fixes a crash
in the new event I added yesterday to highlight your job as a waiter/waitress
(yeah, so I didn’t actually *test* that event before I released it). Thanks
42idiot for being patient enough to report the crash, complete with logs!

Also, while I was in the neighborhood, I saw all that lovely space on the right
side of the screen, and decided to *also* display your character’s bum status.
I’ve been tracking it, I just haven’t displayed it anywhere, because the
character creation screen (where it was displayed in the previous version) was
crowded enough already.

So now you’ll see your bum status update in real time as you get your naughty
heinie swatted good!

Or it’ll just be boring, static text if you’re one of those *lame* people who
insist on being a goody two shoes superhero who never ever gets swatted.

Get it in the Downloads section!

Scarlet Moon 3.0.9

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Got a new build up. This is mostly a cleanup release. It adds a few tweaks to
the UI that should hopefully make it suck slightly less. In particular, it
hopefully provides some options to help people get the combat UI to fit
reasonably well, even if their resolution isn’t particularly close to mine.

Yeah, the player shouldn’t have to fiddle with setti:engs to get the UI to look


There. You’re no longer allowed to criticize anything about the UI ever again.

Ever. Again.

Actually, that’s a lie. I welcome any and all constructive criticism. For one
thing, it helps me decide what to prioritize (would people rather have a slick
UI, or more content?).

Anyway, the changes in this new build:

1. Your statistics and outfit are now displayed on the story screen. We had all
that wonderful space on the right side of the screen, so I figured I’d use it.
You can’t currently change your outfit on the story screen (you still need to
go into the (C)haracter screen). That’s on my roadmap, it’s just a bit more
work than flinging it up there to see. I figure the statistics in particular
will help when you have statistic-incrementing choices, or for checking your
energy before you make the choice that *obviously* sends you into battle.

2. The combat screen is now more compact. I’ve increased the maximum length of
each line for combat status (right side of the screen), and reduced the space
between the combat log and the status. This should hopefully make the status
more compact. Note: You *may* not see less wrapping even with the longer maximum
line. The game calculates how many characters you can fit on your screen, and
uses that for wrapping. The maximum is only used if your screen is huge, and
would result in painfully long lines.

3. Two new commands are added to the combat UI. The first, `(+/-) Status Font`,
allows you to increase or decrease the font size of the combat status right
there in combat. Before, you could only change the combat font from the Options
menu, which is only accessible in the story mode. You can’t access the Options
in the combat mode because of an architectural snarl that I need to sit down
and figure out.

The second is `(Tab) Concise`. This toggles the combat status between a
verbose mode (what you see now) and a concise mode. The concise mode uses only
a few characters for each character (typically the first few characters of their
name), and only a few characters for each status. This should help when you
want to investigate powers in a battle with lots of characters.

4. A new command was added to the Story UI. `(+/-) Story Font` that allows
you to increase the size of the story text. This also affects the combat log
(left side of the screen), since they both use the same font.

5. F5 now saves, while F9 loads. This is apparently the same as is used by
Skyrim (and various other games I believe, including the Spiderweb games). Since
the keys are farther apart, this should also hopefully protect against pressing
(L)oad when you intended (S)ave.

6. For some reason, sometimes the player’s combat name wasn’t getting set
correctly. I haven’t been able to duplicate it, but I have seen it in some of
my older saves, and other people’s saves. I’ve thrown in a hack to update the
player’s combat name when loading a game if you’re on episode 2 and your combat
name isn’t “ScarletMoon.” Hopefully that should fix any bugged saves out there,
and we’ll have to see if anybody finds their combat name not being set (or
saved) properly when they play episode 1.

7. Did a bit of cleanup that should hopefully improve performance in combat
and on the character modification screen.

8. Fixed a bug in combat undo. The player was able to undo from one round to
the previous, and you’re not supposed to be able to do that (since at that
point you know what the enemy is going to do).

9. Fixes a crash pointed out by an Anonymous fan when starting the final battle
with Succubus for episode 2.

10. The title screen commands are now *above* the image. There were some
problems where some users had the buttons pushed right off the screen by the
image. Yeah, I know this is the ultimate copout. The GUI toolkit I’m using
doesn’t provide very much for working with images, so I haven’t found a way
to dynamically scale the image to fit on a screen, and creating multiple
resolution versions sounds like a headache in arbitrary “let’s see if this
works!” At least this way if the title doesn’t fit, you should still be able
to see the commands.

11. Fixes a bug where if you defeat Succubus in the restaurant, the game acted
like you’d lost. You should now see the correct content when you defeat her.

12. Fixes some typos.

13. Added a new (meaningless) choice where the Vanessa asks them if they’re
nervous about their new job at the start of episode 2. This was done to make
sure people don’t miss the fact that they got a job at some point between
episodes 1 and 2, so that they’re not caught off-guard. Vanessa was already
making an off-hand comment about it, but it was easily missed.

14. Juliana is now referred to only as Juliana. The name Generalissima isn’t
established the end of episode 2, and only if she’s getting spanked by
Clemency. Before, the game was just referring to her as ‘Generalissima’
without any establishment at all. The third episode will introduce her as
well, for those of you who don’t go sneaking into rich people’s houses.

Many thanks to Anonymous for the crash report, and 42idiot for some very
good criticism of the UI that inspired many of these tweaks. Also for pointing
out some typos, and the bug with the game not recognizing that you’ve defeated
Succubus, and finally for pointing out the flaws in how the story is presented
that inspired the last two changes.

Get it at the Downloads section!


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