Monthly Archives: February 2020
Scarlet Moon 4.2.12

Just posted a new version that fixes a bug in the story content, where the game just straight up stops moving forward during one branch of the “escape Princess” route. Thanks Wildfire for the bug report!

There’s also apparently a crash in the battle royale at the end of the episode kindly pointed out by Wildfire that seems to be tied to administering spankings. I’m not going to track that one down though, because I’m currently doing some balancing of a combat rework, and the code is changing so much that whatever bug is there will almost certainly have gone away (to be replaced by three or four new ones I’m sure). I’m hoping to release that in the next few weeks, so tracking down the bug doesn’t seem like it’ll be a good use of my time.

Also, updated the Downloads section to clarify that the source code of Scarlet Moon is released under GPL v3 license, while the story content (i.e. setting, characters, etc) is released under CC-BY-SA. I don’t think that I have it actually written down anywhere on here.