Other Spanking Games

There is where I will post links to any other spanking games I stumble upon.
Note that this list may not be exhaustive. Furthermore, I will only include a
game if it is complete, or in active development. If you become aware of any
other spanking games out there, please let me know!

First, we have Spanking Adventures
(original site
is down
) by Robin Pearce. Pearce has two books currently
out, but seems to have gone dark. Both Master of the Manor and Dianne’s
Promotion can be purchased from Amazon for a few bucks. It’s a Kindle book,
however you can also read it on the Kindle Cloud Reader on Ubuntu, or a desktop
Kindle application available on Windows. The games are long, hundreds and
hundreds of pages, very detailed, and also quite challenging. The spankings are
a little bit rough, Master of the Manor in particular is more than a little
BDSMy. Furthermore, Pearce’s books put more emphasis on dominance, submission,
and humiliation rather than any sort of loving discipline. Basically, if any of
the characters in these books said “This hurts me more than it hurts you”
they’re lying. However, I totally stole his keyword system for use in my own
game, and the books themselves are awesome. Not to mention unlike anything else
on the Internet. The Potion Wars was in many ways written as a reaction
to Pearce’s work. I didn’t like the spanking style, so I figured I’d try to
write something a bit more in line with what I prefer.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to make Master of the Manor available. I have a few misgivings
about it, but you can read my reasoning and download the book here:
I will *NOT* be releasing Dianne’s Promotion the same way, so don’t ask.

A fan Dloohi was kind enough to create an HTML Version complete with some buttons
to let you track your character state on screen. : Manor HTML.
You can “save” the game by right-clicking and “Save Page As.” This will save the html
file locally, which you can later open with your browser. It doesn’t save your current
page, so you’ll need to either include your page number in the filename or have some other
mechanism for remembering which page you were on.

Next, we have Booth Babe. It’s a transformation game, however the
transformation turns your character from male to female, the transformation
happens immediately at the beginning, and it’s instant. So, the transformation
element is easily ignored. It also contains three spanking scenes and, except
for an easily avoidable blowjob is the only erotic content in the game so far,
and the game developer has made noises about there being more in future
releases. There are other games on tfgamessite.com, some of which do have a
fair amount of spanking content, and aren’t as gross as many erotic text-based
games tend to be. Some of them however are as gross as erotic text-based
games tend to be, so play at your own risk. Plus, many of them are surprisingly
good from a gameplay and writing perspective as well, especially for porn
games. So the website is worth checking out if you don’t mind transformation
content, and have an afternoon to kill. Edit: Looks like Booth Babe
will be on indefinite hiatus while the author goes through some very personal
changes. Hopefully she’ll return to it, but only time will tell.

To Cage
A Magpie
is an old (2006) adult interactive fiction game written in TADS by one Lucilla Frost. In this game you
play a smalltime thief with superpowers who has been given the job of robbing
an older couple. The game is a try-and-die puzzle game, except that most of the
time when you get caught, you get spanked. The spankings are excellent, if a
little bit harsh, and the puzzles can really get you scratching your head. I’d
highly recommend checking it out. She has two other games as well, the British
Fox games, and while both of those do have some spanking content, there is a
lot of other hardcore sex, rape, and torture. Standard superheroine in peril
stuff. This one however, is about as pure spanko as you can get.

Rakish by Nigel
Downes is another old (1998!) erotic text adventure game written in TADS. This
one is much more straightforward than To Cage a Magpie, and while the
spankings were enjoyable the girls all either enjoy it, or don’t really deserve
it. A bit of a downer for those of us into punishment spankings, but the game
is short enough and straightforward enough that it’s still worth playing at
least once.

Zekel can be found in a forum post on AnimeOTK. It’s a spanking idle game.
Basically you click the mouse really really fast to gain points, then use those
points to buy things that automatically gain you more points. It’s pretty
enjoyable, and the girls are rather well done. Several people have whipped up
mods of varying complexity. Zekel’s disinterest in setting up a source code
repository makes me cry, but what you can you do. Note that there is only an
executable for Windows, however he has also posted the source code so if Play
On Mac/Linux don’t work, you can always just execute the source code directly.

 – A text based catfight game. All F/F. The basic format is your
character wanders around the school, and gets into highly sexualized catfights.
The remake (0.6301) has a more sophisticated combat system, but the premake in
RAGS (.53) has more complete content. Both versions feature spanking as a
combat feature, though I found the descriptions in the pre-remake to be a bit
more enjoyable. The game isn’t dead, but the author does tend to work on it in
bursts interspersed with dry spells, and right now the author is in a bit of a
dry spell. Note that despite the name (implying a high school), the characters
are all 18-21.

Manny McGuy’s Adventures in Spanking
This is written in RPGMaker, but it feels more like an adventure game:
certain scenes can be unlocked or are modified depending on the skillbooks
you’ve found and used. At this point it’s mostly F/X where X is your player’s
gender. There is a little bit of X/M right now as well. There is one male spankee, no
male spankers yet as far as I can tell. The spanking scenes consist of a black screen
with some dialogue, sound-effects, and occasionally a few choices. It’s
enjoyable, and well worth the half hour or so it takes to fully explore the
gameworld. Note: This is on hiatus, because apparently education is important
or something. Yeah, I don’t get it either. 😛

Peach Springs – The latest
entry to the ever-growing library of spanking games on animeotk. This one is
being worked on by CM Zero. This is a very enjoyable simulation game, where you
take control of a character who has recently been put in charge of a failing
bathhouse. It’s your job to pay off the debt, and turn it into a roaring
business success…or pay the price of humiliating your family! It is easily
the richest spanking game currently in development that I’ve found, and as to
be expected for such a rich game the balance needs some serious tuning. Near
as  I call tell, you can’t really make enough money to replace the food and
equipment you go through. Your daily expenses are usually around 400 gold a
day, but I’ve made more than a little over a hundred gold a day. But that gives
you about twenty days worth of gameplay, and what’s there is very enjoyable.
One of the best things about this game is that it is  the only spanking game
I’ve yet found that’s as customizable as The Scandalous Scarlet Moon,
perhaps even more so. You have
control over:

  1. Your character’s gender and appearance
  2. The gender of your guests.
  3. The gender of your servants.
  4. What types of spanking events you want to see:M/F, F/F, F/M, M/M.
  5. How often spanking events should occur vs. other events.
  6. Whether the various event types: common, vanilla, spanking, and
    humiliation even occur at all.

In short, a very impressive level of control, especially when you consider that
this game has graphics rather than my game which just has text. Text is sort of
cheating from a customization standpoint. It’s a lot easier to change a
character’s gender in text than in pictures.


Skyrim Mod:
Get Stripped! Again!
This is a mod written for Skyrim. It’s primarily a
stripping and humiliation mod, however it does have some content: One of the
stripping animations in Riven has some spanking in it, one of the endings in
the first town (I forget the name), and at least one of the endings in Riven
have spanking in them. The animations are very well done, and highly
recommended if you already own Skyrim. I also included a super complicated 8 step guide to
setting up Skyrim so that you can spank defeated (human) enemies, and get
spanked by (human) enemies when defeated. Unfortunately, there are only three
spanking animations that I could find, so the spankings get old pretty quick.
But if you want to add a little bit of extra spanking spice to your next
playthrough of Skyrim, it’s worth checking out. Wouldn’t recommend buying
Skyrim just for this though, it’s not worth it.
Rear Gaze Hotel
is a relatively recent one. It’s a text-based CYOA. There
aren’t any character customization options, but the PC is left purposefully
vague, so you can mentally fill in the details. The puzzles are engaging, and
the spankings are hot. There are also some other fetishes: embarrassed nude
female and wedgies. Both of which are pretty innocuous if you’re not into them.
My favorite part is that this game is a narrative CYOA, meaning that the game
leads you smoothly from one choice to the next, with a coherent narrative
thread connecting the scenes. No aimless wandering to find the next scene. I
personally prefer this kind of structure over the open world “wander around and
find the next spanking scene” that is the most popular format in the spanking
video games scene right now, and I’ve always been sad that Scarlet Moon and
Robin Pearce’s gamebooks were the only games I could find with that structure.
So, I’m super stoked about Rear Gaze.


Welcome to Puttsdale
A text-based adventure game that’s been in development for a while. It’s written in Twine, so it runs on every OS
with a web browser (so every OS). The premise is that your character (whose gender, name and age you can control,
though your character can only be between 18 and 23 years old) has recently moved to the small
town of Puttsdale, where spankings are administered quite frequently for discipline and play. You wander about
town, getting to know the townsfolk, learning about their spanky drama and getting caught up in it. The
gameplay is old-school adventure style: You encounter puzzles, find hints to those puzzles, and items you
can use to solve the puzzles. It’s an enjoyable, wholesome romp with an impressive amount of content, and some very well
done puzzles for unlocking various spanking scenes.

38 thoughts on “Other Spanking Games

    1. Turns out I don’t have a walkthrough for that one. DX I know there was one somewhere on the Internet, but it looks like it no longer exists (at least I couldn’t find it). If you’re stuck somewhere, ask about it here, and I’ll see if I can remember how you get unstuck.

      1. well I know to get out of the room you just have to search enough times to find what you need. But after that, at the guys house, I’m kind of stuck. I know after a while a woman shows up and ends up spanking you, and I know you can interact with the guy in his house but I really cant get past that sceen.

        1. If I remember correctly, you need to wait until the two go upstairs to bed. Then you need to turn on the television (with the remote I think, I don’t remember). When they do, the man will come downstairs to turn off the television, only instead he will sit and watch for several turns.

          During those turns you need to unlock the security box, turn off the alarm, and turn on the security system itself. That way, the security system will turn on and knock the guy out, without triggering the alarm and waking up the woman. Then you need to turn off the security system, and go pick up the key on the guy’s neck.

          Finally, you need to go upstairs to unlock the safe. However, first you need to make sure you put the woman all the way to sleep. The way to do this is not really obvious, until you remember that it’s a porn game.

          1. Are you talking about Magpie’s apartment (i.e. where you start)? In that case you just need to search a bunch of times. Eventually, you’ll find a letter or something that gives you your mission. I’ll admit, it’s a pretty crappy game mechanic.

  1. Thanks! Game made a lot more sense too bad the search is purely based on luck so if you don’t know what you are doing (like I was) well…you are kinda screwed.

    1. Yeah, that part was kind of dumb. The rest of the puzzles made a lot more sense to me, though fortunately.

  2. maybe I’m just unfermiler with these kinds of games. But I have no idea how to get into Mr Smythe’s house, 27 Shropshire Gardens. Just, no idea at all. Best I can do is hide behind a bush

    1. You’re supposed to wait until the woman arrives and opens the door for you, and then you follow her in (I think. Make sure you’re invisible!). Alternatively, I think there might be a ladder nearby that you can lean against the wall to climb in through the bathroom window?

  3. Hey, here’s a game you might like. Shield High (RAGS system). Highschool for girls, mostly spanking and has a simple combat system. Very similar feel to yours actually.

    While I think it’s stalled (he started a remake with a new engine, and all the duplicate work burned him out I think), the original had LOTS of content with lots of paths.

    You want the 0.53 Pre Remake, 2nd down on the right hand side of the page.

    And love your game btw. Just the right balance for me and the humor is alway a plus. Thanks, looking foward to the updates.

    1. Thanks for pointing that game out. I was aware of it, however I didn’t post anything about it because near as I can tell, the school in Shield High is a high school. Which means most of the girls are under 18 (probably between 15 and 18), and as a rule I will not endorse games that feature characters under 18 in erotic situations.

      And I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed Potion Wars so much! Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with tone. Turns out race-fueled drug wars are not the greatest stories for porn games that revolve around something as silly (in the context of race-fueled drug wars) as spankings. I’ll be writing more about this this weekend as my monthly update, but basically I plan on putting Potion Wars on the backburner for the indefinite future. I may rip out the spanking content and release it somewhere as a vanilla game at some point, but that won’t happen for a looong time.

      Instead, I’m going to try to build a game whose tone and plot are actually conducive to something as silly as spankings. Basically, I’m thinking of a superhero(ine) game with a tone reminiscent of the Silver Age of Superhero comics: over-the-top villains, with over-the-top gadgets, over-the-top-schemes, some silliness, a bit of soap opera, and some drama. I’ll post some more information about what I have in mind this weekend.

      1. Yeah, while the context certainly would give it that age range, the writing didn’t really make it fell like that. It’s always a problem in a way, similar to the problems you’re finding. Like, what other environment are you going to be in with a population of 100% women and where punishment and spankings are not odd as an every day thing?!?! heh.

        Personally I had no problem with tone, I like the ridiculousness of it anyway, which kinda goes with the whole thing. Like any spanko, who really needs a logical excuse (Also makes the humour more easy). But then I’m also not writing it :). If you put a poll, I’d bet many don’t have a problem either, but yeah maybe it’s less satisfying/harder to write? It did give a good range of characters (Big boss, middle bosses, cook (cooks are always spankos lol))

        Definitely like the game mechanics,. The town, the dungeon, the accumulative detailed damage model description on the character lol. Also like the multi threads you can take and the fact that past history is remembered in current encounters. Always found it disappointing when one bad fail (or choice) isn’t noticed by the next person encountered heh. But know it’s much more tricky to code which is why it’s so often not done. Shield High being another example.

        Anyway, good luck on it. Hopefully not too hard to start your new idea, I assume the same basic engine (it’s good). BTW did you get far enough in the next update to maybe close off the few open character threads if dev is going to be shelved?

        1. As it is now, it might work. However, the next episode was going to be fairly dark, and I can assure you that as the game progressed things would have gotten darker as the overarching conflict heated up, and the contradictions between the dark tone and the rather silly spankings would have been all the more jarring.

          And honestly, I like my spankings best when they flow relatively naturally from the story, and they fit in with the tone of the rest of the book. If it doesn’t, then it diminishes both the story and the spanking. For example, there’s a rather excellent spanking scene in The Gathering Storm. However, the scene in the larger context of the book is very very jarring, because the series is generally very serious (if a bit over the top), and that book itself is very dark. So in this dark book in a very serious series, there’s a scene where a super-evil mega-torturer gets spanked into submission? Bullshit.

          Basically, that’s what would have happened if I continued with Potion Wars as a spanking game.

          The same basic engine will still be used (with a few minor tweaks).

          As far as the every day thing, honestly I think the best approach is just create a fantasy world with its own culture where spanking adults is AOK. Or even have a super-exclusive and insular college or something.

          I just about finished the story of the first level of the dungeon of the second episode, but that’s it. No character threads are closed, but several are opened, and the damn thing even ends on a cliffhanger. So, no, not really. I might post the transcript that I’ve written so far for people to look at if they so desire.

          But don’t worry, I still intend to have multiple threads, and characters reacting to your past actions, and similar things in the new game. Basically, I want to take all the goods things about Potion Wars (multiple threads, well-described scenes, interesting characters), and put them in a game with a tone that’s more conducive to spankings.

          1. Cool. Sounds a bit like J.K Rwling on Harry Potter worrying about the kids reading the books. She said at least for the current readers, they would age as the books got written, so mature when they get darker. So I guess you’ll have to keep the new world on the lighter side regardless of world design to avoid the same problem? But yeah certainly makes sense if the situations can come out more natually, like Shield H’s slave system.

            Lolz with cliffhanging yourself on the end of Dungeon 2. If you have the stuff done, might not be a bad idea, the time to create it isn’t then wasted.

            Good luck with the superheros, and remember be careful of ‘Superman’. Characters who are invunerable are boring as they can never lose… and kryptonite ends up having to be everywhere. At least you have superpowers to easily BS… creatively write away…. any plot problems that might crop up :).. Been fun talking shop, cheers.

          2. Pretty much. Also, one advantage of making it a video game, is that I can’t really have a superman problem. If I want the game to be challenging, I kind of need to make sure there are hard limits on the character’s powers. The tricky part of course, is crafting the character’s power in such a way that he/she can get punched through a wall and be fine, and at the same time get hurt by a spanking. I think I’ve got that figured out (forcefields FTW!).

      2. Very delayed response to all this since I only just looked at my blog again for the first time in months and noticed that my game was shared here but regarding the age ranges, they are 18-21. Originally ages hadn’t occurred to me when I started things off in a High School sense and it was only when I was just far enough in that it felt stupid to change the name that it occurred to me. So naturally the only rational thing to do there is come up with an elaborate alternate history that is never once mentioned in the actual game to explain why what is considered a High School starts at age 18.

        Either way, think of it more as bridging school for life skills between what is considered high school in the real world, and college, and you’ve got what I ultimately decided Shield High to be in the end.

  4. Hey, another one you might be interested in.

    Skyrim has a mod Get Stripped! Again! Pretty much a nude stripping game (you get stripped while wondering around Riften), has a great spanko scene in one of the endings (Riften version, 2.7). Endings come about depending just how you report it to the guards heh.

    Some of the best custom Skyrim animation I’ve seen.

    The mod is still being worked on (as was Potions and Booth Babe, pity that one died), but that episode goes to completion.

    1. I have not. I haven’t been on AnimeOTK much lately. Most of the freetime that I would otherwise spend on AnimeOTK is currently being spent working on this game. Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely check it out.

  5. At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Robin Pearce’s gamebooks are probably no longer in development. The website hasn’t been updated in over a year.

  6. Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me out with getting Shield High to work. What version of RAGS do I need to get to play the pre-remake version? I downloaded the one that was on their website, but when I try to play the Shield High file it says that the RAGS game file is unreadable.

    1. It’s likely that the newest version of RAGS is not compatible with the version used to write the game (the game itself is fairly old).

      I would suggest downloading one of the legacy versions (at the bottom of the list of files to download, just about the registration fields) and seeing if one of those versions work.

  7. Does anyone know what happened to Robin Pearce? The two books they put out are easily the most comprehensive bits of CYOA spanking content out there. I heard there was a third book in development before they went totally dark.

    1. I have *no idea* what happened to Robin Pearce, and I cry manly tears of manliness every time I think about their disappearance. I’ll periodically search their books, ro go their old website, hoping against hope that they’ve returned, but alas no idea.

      I loved those books so much. They basically inspired me to create Potion Wars (which led to Scarlet Moon), both because I loved their keyword-based CYOA style, and because their games were bit harsher than I liked, to say nothing for their obsession with their cane (which I’m not a big fan of). Seriously, I don’t know which is bigger, Pearce’s cane fixation or my thong obsession. So anyway, I decided to make something that better fit my preferred spanking style.

      And I was so looking forward to a silly sixties style space opera with spankings…

          1. Yeah, I saw it. I might take a gander at it at some point. Pearce’s writing is excellent, but tends to be bit a harsher than I like, and like *so many* spanko Brits they’ve got a serious cane fetish, whereas I don’t like the cane at all. So not sure I’ll get a ton of enjoyment out of a book by them as compared to a gamebook.

  8. The list of games already out of date. So many new games came out since topic start.. Most of ’em posted on AOTK forum. Here’re the few of them I think should be recall:
    – SpanQuest
    – SpankFantasy
    – Passage
    – Brat Of the Wild
    – Diary of A Slave

    1. Thanks for the list! I’m aware of them, but I honestly haven’t put a lot of time into any of them, with the exception of SpanQuest, so I don’t really know enough about them to give them justice. If you’d be kind enough to give me a couple of blurbs describing each of them, I’ll happily update the list.

  9. Hey do you know of anywhere I could find the other works belonging to Robin Pearce?

    At the end of Manor of the Master there is a list of other books in the series but I can’t find them anywhere…

    Here’s to hoping someone has a copy they’re willing to share! 🙂

    1. They were never made. There’s only master of the manor and dianne’s promotion (which are available on this website).

  10. In regards to magpie, how does one search the room? because the commands “search the room”, “look around”, and “search nest ” haven’t produced any results.

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