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Scarlet Moon 3.0.5

Uploaded a new version with an additional bug fix. Basically, if you lost to Succubus the first time you fought her, and you put on underwear that isn’t baring (i.e. not a thong) when you change out of your costume, the game crashes when you have the option to tell Juliana that Succubus scares you. People playing a woman probably didn’t see this crash, because when the player changes out of her costume, she defaults to putting on a thong (because I like thongs. They be sexy). However, people playing men did, because I default the man to putting on boxers. Because I don’t want to think about a man in a thong. So much hair…

I really should add some logic at some point to remember what clothing you were wearing before changing you into your costume, so that I can change you back into it. After all, some of you might be playing a woman who refuses to wear thongs, and some of you might be playing men who like wearing thongs.


Scarlet Moon Moar Bug Fixes

Uploaded a new version, 3.0.4 with some additional bug fixes.

In particular fixed two crashes: one during your conversation with Sam at the end of episode 1, if you claim you lost track of time while dancing, and then are rather rude to her. Two if you decide to spank Keiko at the beginning of episode 2.

Scarlet Moon Bug Fix

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’ve just uploaded a new version with a few bug fixes pointed by some kind folks
on In particular, I’ve fixed a crash where a slender PC tried to
spit on Buzzsaw after being defeated by her the first time.

Also, something that I forgot to point out: The Page Up/Page Down, Home/End keys
all work like you would expect for both the story pages, and combat log. You
don’t have to scroll through the content line by line if you don’t want to. I
should make those more discoverable, I just don’t want to do anything fancy.
I could include additional buttons, but that’s *four* additional buttons. I want
to have as little as possible on the UI, because that makes it easier for the
UI to scale up and down on different sized monitors and it means more of the
screen can be taken up by text.

I suppose I could include a story page that points those out before the game
begins? I don’t know.

Anyway, get the bug-fixed version over at the Downloads section, especially if
you like playing slender, defiant characters!


New Scarlet Moon Engine Released

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

So, Scarlet Moon has been released with a brand spanking new engine
written in Lua. I did this primarily because distributing the Java
version has been a huge pain in the ass, especially for users who
aren’t technically savvy. The distribution was also *very* bloated.

The Lua version should be much simpler and much easier to run. Unlike
the Java version, you don’t need to download anything extra. Just
download the game and play it. Directions can be found under the Downloads

I’m using the *wonderful* LOVE game engine, and it lets you build a Windows
executable and Mac App without actually owning a Windows or Mac machine. Which
means that we now have a Mac App for you Mac users! I have no idea if it works
obviously, but fingers crossed.

There isn’t any new content (except for a few tweaks and edits here or
there). However, the combat is *very* different. First, I’ve removed the
positioning system. It wasn’t adding much to combat, and it made the
AI more complicated than necessary to implement.

For the new combat, the key conceit is that you get to use *every* action
avalable each round. This is different from most RPG’s, where you pick one
action from several. You start with just the ability to attack a single
target, and use one power. Additional powers may give you additional
actions, or stop enemies from using actions.

I’m *super* excited about this combat engine. When I play-tested it, it
felt very dynamic to me. I think it does the best job yet of capturing
the fast paced, dynamic combat that makes superheroes so much fun to

Combat itself is also deterministic now. Each supervillain has their own unique
pattern. A lot of combat will be figuring what each supervillain does when.

AI also has a *much* bigger impact than in the previous game:

1. With the dumb AI, enemies will only attack, and they will attack the target
with the most energy. Use this AI if you don’t care about all this RPG crap
and just want to warm some supervillain bums.

2. With the average AI, enemies will attack just like with the dumb AI, and
use *only* powers that deal damage.

3. With the smart AI, each supervillain has their own strategy, and will use
their powers to their fullest.

Needless to say, the game is balanced for the smart AI. You *will* get your
bum roasted a few times, and even the fights you do win will be near things.
However, none of the battles will be luck based, since as I said above, enemies
are deterministic. So once you find a winning strategy, it will win every time
(in that particular battle).

Get it over at the Downloads section! As always, don’t hesitate to let me know
if you run into any problems.

Because the combat is so very different, I decided not to make the saves from
the old engine compatible with this engine. You’re gonna want to learn the
new combat engine, and the best way to do that is from the beginning.