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Scarlet Moon 3.1.11

Uploaded a new version. This one doesn’t have any additional content, but does address a concern from Magus Eternal. Now, when you select a power to use in combat, the game will display a brief description of the power. It means one extra key stroke to actually use a power, but it should also help people keep all the powers straight.


Scarlet Moon 3.1.9

Released the latest version, 3.1.9. This is mostly a maintenance release. It fixes the following bugs:

1. There was some text that wasn’t dynamic, but should be. So we had problems with the game referring to male PC’s as “she.” I fixed all the ones I could find, if people find any more, please let me know!

2. Fixed a crash when fighting Prometheus and Poseidon on the average intelligence. It was the same problem that afflicted Succubus way back when. I really need to start testing on average intelligence in addition to smart. Thanks to a certain fan for emailing me about the problem, and including a log. I knew the issue as soon as I saw the error message!

It also introduces two new stats: victory and defeat. Victory tracks how many optional fights you’ve won, defeat tracks how many optional fights you’ve lost. This will be used when people are gauging how competent you are.

Spanker and Spankee now tracks *all* spanking scenes, not just the ones as a superhero. Or at least, they should. Let me know if you don’t see thsoe stats go up after a spanking!

All saves should be 100% backwards compatible. Victory and defeat will just start at zero. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because the game doesn’t actually use absolute numbers when evaluating how competent you are. Basically, if you’ve won twice as many times or more as you’ve lost, you’re considered competent by people. If you’ve lost twice as many times as you’ve won, people consider you incompetent. If neither, people consider you middle of the road. Spanker and spankee work the same way.

I’ve also improved my event validation some. So that hopefully in the future new content will be more stable (not stable of course, but *more* stable).


Scarlet Moon 3.1.8

Uploaded a new version with a bug fix for a crash that triggers when you try to use the spank action given to you by s-paddle. Thanks to VikingSpanko over on animeotk for reporting the problem!

I used mediafire this time, because my internet is being painfully slow, and mediafire is more forgiving of slow uploads than Dropbox is.


Scarlet Moon 3.1.7

I got tired of having to play whack-a-mole with players to track down all the crashes, so I’ve added some validation logic to validate:

1. Every event referenced is defined.

and to warn me:

1. Of all events that don’t have children (i.e. events without choices, or anyway of transitioning automatically). I can’t error on this, because obviously the last event in the game doesn’t have any children! I may go back and add a flag or something to events to allow me to say “this is *supposed* to be an ending event.” Then I *will* be able to error on this.

2. Of all events that are unused. This one definitely can’t be an error, because there are some events that are used, and then become unused. Basically, at the end of the current content, I have an event that says “Thanks for playing blahblah blah.” Obviously, I can’t remove any of those events, or people’s save games will break.

This won’t fix every possible crash (like if there’s a problem in any dynamic text), nor will it fix combat bugs. However, these checks should catch the most commonly reported bugs and crashes.

I’ve also implemented it so that I can turn the validation on and off. It doesn’t run in the version that I post, so it won’t affect startup time!

Anyway, this validation caught a few bugs, so this version fixes them:

1. Male characters weren’t being given the correct default outfit at the start of episode 3.

2. Fixes a bug in the sequence after you defeat a certain villain with a certain ally that resulted in some skipped text.

I also removed a few events that were no longer used.


Scarlet Moon 3.1.4

New version posted, fixing a crash in episode 2 day 1 kindly pointed out to me by a fan via e-mail. This is what I get for modifying earlier stuff. -_-

Scarlet Moon 3.1.3

Just posted another version that fixes a few crashes in some of the paths leading up to the fight against Prometheus and Poseidon. Hopefully this will fix the problem for Anroop Kaur (thanks for letting me know)!

Scarlet Moon 3.1.2

New version out with a fix to three bugs:

One, pointed out by giant432, was a crash caused by a borked option when talking to Natalie while going to get tutored.

The second, I discovered while getting to the point in the game that crashed for giant432, triggered if you didn’t get spanked by David in class.

One pointed out by Canth, where I’d forgotten to include some choices in an event (that I edited while debugging the new content) way back in episode 1 day 1!

Scarlet Moon 3.1.0

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’ve just released the next version of Scarlet Moon: 3.1.0. This version has the first day of episode 3. It includes:

1. Your first of two potential love interests. The current plan is to have one dominant male love interest, and one submissive female love interest. While I’d love to have four possible love interests, things would either get complicated really fast, or generic really fast. I figured these two would cover *most* people who play my game since it does focus on spanking female bottoms. That being said, your gender imposes *zero* restrictions on which love interest you can hook up with.

2. Two brand new supervillains. One male, one female. They work the status system in a way that it hasn’t been worked before, so hopefully you guys will find them fun to fight.

3. An X/M spanking scene. It’s basically just a copy of an X/F scene with all the “he’s” replaced by “she’s” but hey, it’s an X/M scene! It’s also very easily avoidable for people who aren’t into that.

4. A brand new superherine(well, not *completely* new…)! She shows up for all of five minutes, but hey she’s there. You might even get to use her in combat!

5. A chance to really meet Natalie. No, you don’t get to spank that big nerdy bum of hers. Yet…

Get it over at the Downloads section.