Eye of the Brainstorm

This is a page where I’ll put various game ideas as they come to me. These are not ideas for game stories. I don’t like revealing more of my story ideas than absolutely necessary, because they tend to change, and the less I reveal, the less I have to explain as why I said “Imma do A” but I eventually decided to do B. Rather, these are ideas for gameplay that I think would be conducive to spanking content. Basically these are “I love this game, but think of how awesome it would be if it had spanking.” Because that’s basically my entire thought process. “Yeah, sure the Mona Lisa is nice and all, but imagine if she was being spanked.”

I may need to get laid.

Anyway, game ideas. Don’t expect me to act on these any time soon (if ever). They’re just ideas that occurred to me while I was doing something else, and I liked them enough that I figured I’d write them down for future reference. If there’s an idea on here that calls to you, I encourage you to take it and run with it. I’d love to make these games, but I’d love even more to play them.

Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom Sim Meets A Much Less Disturbing Variant of Slave Maker


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