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Correction: May Update

So I made a small mistake in my previous post.

The Supreme Overlord is in fact helping me (he helped design the costume for the villain for episode 2). However I don’t think he’s contributed any actual scenes yet, though I am working with him to change that.

I have another person, Whose Name I Do Not Know, who has contributed some scenes. It was those scenes I was referring to.

Sorry about that!


May Update

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and up),

I’m still cranking away when I’ve got time (which isn’t often, this spring has been _crazy_). I’m on the final scene of the first half of episode 2 (the first round of fisticuffs with the villain of the episode). Once I finish that, I need to backtrack and fill in the spanking scenes that I skipped. I’m also receiving some writing help from the supreme overlord (I think? I’ve gotten my dumb ass locked out of my e-mail account on my main computer, so I can’t check double check his username). I’ve been quite happy with the scenes he’s written for me so far.

Once all of the content is written, I then need to define the villain stats, implement the villain’s powers (which shouldn’t be too hard thanks to the massive refactoring I did in the previous release), and test it. So we’re still a fairs way off unfortunately. June is also going to be a highly variable month. I may get a ton done. I’m taking a long vacation in June, so how much I get done depends on how busy my vacation ends up being.