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Potion Wars Version 2.14. Possible Music Overhaul.

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’ve uploaded the latest version of Potion Wars, which fixes the bug that kept you from being able to select clothing past number 10. Hilariously, I then decided that it was silly to make dresses¬†available when selecting pants, because they end up replacing the shirt you selected previously. So I shifted the dresses into the shirts menu, and now all the clothing has less than 10 items again! After all that work creating logic to select clothing item 11 too…

Anyway, you can get the most recent version over in the Downloads.

One other thing, Bonemouth has pointed me to a library of free to use (so long as I give credit) songs. They are quite good, and there’s more variety than I have access to through the place I got my original music (Play On Loop). Unfortunately, the two styles are radically different. So I’m thinking about replacing the current music completely. As a sampler, here are some of the tracts I have in mind:

1. To replace the Church theme (plays during the game’s opening crawl):

2. To replace the title theme (plays when the title picture shows up):

3. Not sure sure yet which I want to replace the generic combat theme. Here are a few options:



And finally, something a bit slower. This would replace the theme that’s played when the first girl you fight in episode 1 is dragged off by the city guards:



Does anyone have any strong opinions one way or the other? These would show up in the same version of the game that introduces the first level of the episode 2 dungeon.


Potion Wars Version 2.13

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

A small fix, and a minor enhancement to saving:

1. Fixed the bug pointed out as a comment in the previous post, where the flag telling the game whether to allow in-combat spankings wasn’t saving properly.

2. Added a bit of code to sort file names based on name in the save and load menus. Before I was printing the files in whatever order the OS gave them to me.

3. Cleaned up some of the code to load games, making it easier to add data to the save files in a backwards-compatible manner.


Get ’em at the downloads section.