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ScarletMoon 2.2.7

Uploaded a new version that fixes a whole mess of bugs kindly pointed out by a couple of commenters on the previous post, and a few people on AnimeOTK.

— The game now automatically equips an outfit when changing out of
costume, because *some* people were very naughty and refused to change
out of their costume. As a result, the game violated a core assumption:
when the player is in their civilians, they are wearing either pants or a
skirt. The player is of course free to change the outfit at anytime.

— Fixed a bug where the player didn’t get a willpower point for
sneaking into the abandoned business park while looking for Buzzsaw.

— Fixed a reference to South Park.

— Sam is now correctly referred to as a dude.

— Fixed a few typos.

— Scarlet Moon now correctly learns Scarlet Eyes when she successfully
bursts into the restaurant.

— Scarlet Moon’s bottom is now referred to correctly when wearing the
boring conservative costume.

— Combat now starts when the player selects the “Fun’s Over” dialogue
option after successfully bursting into the restaurant.

Scarlet Moon 2.2.5

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages,

The next round of content is finally released: the first two days of episode 2 (the first day is very short). Scarlet Moon faces off against a brand new villain, armed with a new power: Scarlet Eyes (increases willpower at the expense of speed and strength). I’ve also made some balance tweaks to the first episode, fixed a few bugs where the player wasn’t gaining stats properly, and somehow made older saves subtly incompatible. They may load correctly, but Bonemouth ran into some instabilities when using an older save file. So it’s recommended that you start a new game (honestly you’d want to start a new game even if the save files were compatible. Otherwise you’d be shy a few statistic points, and that could make a huge difference).


* Added a new power: Scarlet Eyes, the willpower version of Scarlet Armor and Scarlet Boots

* Introducing a brand new villain with a host of her own powers.

* Characters all now have a fixed gender, except for the player. I know it’s a step back, but life is getting busier, so I’m trying to cut back where I can. Making character genders fixed is a huge time saver. Most characters are women, though Sam is a man.

* A whole mess of new content including six or seven spanking scenes? I don’t know. They’re hard to count and I’m lazy.


* During the course of the episode, the player will change out of their work clothing, into their costume, and then back into their work clothing. However, the game doesn’t remember what underwear the player was wearing before changing into their costume (and adding that will be a pain in the neck), so for now I have the player equip the thong if they’re a girl, and boxers if they’re a boy.

Get it over at the Downloads page.


September Update

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’ve managed to successfully complete the content for episode 2, and I’m fairly happy with it. I’ve got my beta testers playing it now, and naturally they’re finding bugs and other crashes.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to post the next version by the end of the month. Maybe sooner, but I don’t want to promise anything.