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December Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

November wasn’t as productive as I had hoped, for a couple of reasons including getting my hands on Batman Beyond the Complete Series (never saw it), and the second season of Justice League.

However, I’ve also been struggling to write episode 2’s climax: a cat and mouse through Phillipa Silver’s office tower. The other day I finally, *finally* figured out why. Originally, the plan had been to have Scarlet Moon running up and down the office with the queen of a Generic European Constitutional Monarchy. Unfortunately, said queen isn’t introduced until just before the cat and mouse and she’s your generic bratty princess.

So I was going to spend an *entire* quarter of an episode on a character we’ve never seen before, will likely never see again, and whose entire personality is a setup for a spanking scene. It’s no wonder her dialog was stilted, two-dimensional and forced. She’s stilted, two-dimensional and forced. So I’m reworking things some, so that we spend more time with an actual character and less time on spanking props.