Scarlet Moon 2: Eclipse Rising Episode 1 Day 1

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of Adult Ages,

Alright, so I’ve released the first version of Scarlet Moon 2: Eclipse Rising! It continues the story from The Scandalous Scarlet Moon with a few caveats. Namely, the sequel takes place in a universe where none of the romances happened. I know, I’m sorry. But they were sucking up too much mental energy, and I didn’t have any to spare to make the actual episodes all that interesting. This also means, incidentally, that your character never met Midnight. So I’ll be able to introduce her for the first time all over again! Isn’t a multiverse canons awesome?

Anyway, the game uses Twine (well, Tweego technically), and can be played right here on the website.

The Downloads page now has a download link that allows you to download a zip file containing the source code, an archive file that can be loaded by the Twine UI, and a copy of the HTML file for local play. You’ll need an internet connection to see the (scant!) AI-generated pinups of the superheroines and supervillains, but the game will run fine without them.

It has no combat, unfortunately, but I fleshed out the stat-check mechanics quite a bit, so I hope the action scene is still compelling. The mechanics are explained on the title page of the game.

Anyway, enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 2: Eclipse Rising Episode 1 Day 1

  1. Ohh! Emm! Gee!

    Scarlet Moon is back! Thank you, aka! I didn’t know how much I had missed these characters until I saw the heading and felt the familiar rush of playing new Scarlet Moon content.

    I loved the (first part?? of the) first episode. The mechanics work wonderfully and the branching paths increase replayability. The characters are as distinct and recognisable as ever. I love their interactions and banter.

    I hope the simpler mechanics makes writing easier for you, even if there are a myriad of parallel paths. On balance, it would be my choice to have fewer paths and longer episodes.

    In any case, I’m looking forward to meeting enemies new and old.

    Welcome back, and as always I have to remind you that Scarlet Moon is the best written spanking game in existence!

    1. First part. Like in the first game, I’ll generally be releasing each episode in 2-3 parts, roughly broken up by in-game days, with about a month between each episode.

      The first game ended in March I think (seven episodes, starting in September), and this one begins in May.

      Also, I’m glad you’re so excited! The mechanics have been working out well for me so far when it comes to writing.

      Also happy to hear you think so highly of my writing.

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