Scarlet Moon Cast

Below is a list of characters in the game, and a brief description. There may be some minor spoilers in here, but nothing major. I would encourage you to play the game first, and come back to this for reference if needed.

name description
Juliana Your sister. A voluptuous latina with a mischievous streak. (You were adopted).
Sam Your Resident Assistant. Slender and fit. Juliana has the hots for him.
Alexandra One of your roommates. A leggy slender blue-eyed brunette and the daughter of the CEO of the largest corporation in the city. Rather haughty and a bit of a jerk.
Vanessa Another roommate. Curvy (though not as curvy as Juliana) with black hair. She's calm and collected and gets you a job at the Silver Spoon restaurant.
Keiko Another roommate. Short with dark skin and originally from Canada. Speaks like she lives in a 1960's era comic book. Is new to the whole "spanking" thing.
Natalie Yet another roommate. Short plump shy and nerdy. Her father is the Generica City police chief.
Bernice Chastain A Generica city police officer that you'll interact with at various times as Scarlet Moon. Ends up over the chief's knee way more often than she'd care to admit.
David The teaching assistant for one of your classes. He's tall and muscular with dark skin and an easy smile.
Midnight A tall dark and mysterious vixen you may or may not encounter.
Mysterious Figure A mysterious figure doing mysterious things mysteriously.
Marie A federal agent superspy person. Short red-headed and feisty.
Dana A federal agent superspy person. Tall voluptuous and a brunette. She's Marie's partner and is calm and collected.
Phillipa Silver The CEO of the largest corporation in Generica: Silver Ant. Alexandra's mother.
Jezebel Silver Alexandra's older sister. A horrible harpy who takes sadistic pleasure in manipulating others.