The Scandalous Scarlet Moon in Twine

Spankers, Spankees and Switches,

So, it sounds like people are really enjoying the first taste of the sequel, especially the new engine, and are getting a lot of enjoyment out of the stat system.

Also, I had my first piece of fanart! An artist named ScribbleOrcus drew the scene in the first game where Clemency throws Scarlet Moon over her shoulder and spanks her on the way to a spanking! You should go to animeotk and check it out.

This got me thinking about the first game some. It’s a little bit finicky, a little bit rough around the edges, and not everyone is able to play it. Considering how well received Scarlet Moon 2’s engine was, I figured I’d see how difficult it would be to translate the first game into this engine. That would ensure more people could play it, and it is less likely to decay into unplayability by the endless march of technology.

I’ve worked on it for a couple of days, and I have the first episode of The Scandalous Scarlet Moon translated. It proved to be quite easy.

And here’s the source

Are there bugs? Almost certainly, so please, let me know!

Obviously, there’s no combat here. I’ve replaced the combat with some action scenes instead. Fights that you *had* to win to continue the game are just static scenes with perhaps a few opportunities for players to make roleplaying choices. Fights that you could lose have proper stat checks, much like the fight with Prometheus and Poseidon in Scarlet Moon 2.

That’s the only new content.

The original version will stay up in perpetuity, and I will do my best to ensure it can still runs. I know there are players out there who like the combat in the first game, and I don’t want to take that away from them. This new version will be for players who don’t care all that much about the combat, or just want to replay the game, or prefer my approach in the sequel.

My plan is to translate an episode of The Scandalous Scarlet Moon in between updates to Scarlet Moon 2. So I’ll translate the second episode of The Scandalous Scarlet Moon after I release the next part of Episode 1 of Scarlet Moon 2.

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