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Scarlet Moon 6.1.1

Bugfix uploaded that fixes a crash when attempting to look at the new character’s powers, and a crash during Midnight’s date caused by a few screwups on my end with respect to clothing (it was possible if you were male to end up without any underwear, something the game doesn’t really like).

Episode 6 Day 1 Released!

The first day of episode 6 has been released! Enjoy.


January 2021 Update

As always, the holidays have proven to be a slow time for me, game development wise. Still, I’ve been working on the next episode here and there when I get a chance and I’m almost done with the story content for the first half of the next episode. After that, I’ll have some AI to write, and some new powers to implement, and then I can start playtesting.

No idea when things will be ready though. I’ve also been doing some bug fixes, and UI tweaks based on feedback. That will get released along with the new content.


November Update

Sorry about the delayed update. October wasn’t very productive due to IRL stuff (both personal, and a certain event that I’m sure you’re all aware of) inhibiting my groove.

However, my productivity is starting to pick up some. Just finished tweaking the market scene in episode 2 so that you can help Vanessa without getting spanked (just pass the stat check), and adding a new dominant path in Episode 2 when Scarlet Moon is snooping around in Megawater before the climax of the episode.


Scarlet Moon 5.2.6

Just uploaded a new fix addressing some feedback from folks over at F95Zone:

1. Fixed two crashes, one caused by fighting Succubus with Average AI (again. The Average AI is the bane of my existence.), the other caused by trying to equip a two-slot item using the shortcut keys presented on the main story screen.

2. The game now has an off-white background with dark text, rather than a dark background with white text. One commenter was complaining that light on dark was harder to read than dark on light. I didn’t have a strong opinion, so flipped it around.

3. Reworked the “Welcome to my game” page at the very beginning. Rather than giving a list of what you can expect to see in the game (hint hint: it’s spankings), it now gives a brief overview of how the UI works. In particular, I realized that people new to the game probably don’t realize that you don’t *need* to go to the separate command page to access commands. For example, you don’t have to press “.” and then “c” to access the character screen. You can just press “c.”

Scarlet Moon 5.2.5

The previous version accidentally included some (incomplete) content from episode 6, which was causing the game to crash at the very end. This version fixes that!

Scarlet Moon 5.2.4

Uploaded a new version with a couple of bug fixes:

  1. Fixes a crash when using the average AI while fighting Leopard.
  2. Fixes a crash when Leopard attempts to throw the only hero left standing.
Scarlet Moon 5.2.3

A couple of bugfixes and balance tweaks:

  1. Fixes a crash caused by a character dropping themselves to 0 energy by using a power (note that they won’t collapse, I’m aware of that bug, but fixing it will be a bit more effort than I’m willing to put in right now).
  2. Reduces the thresholds needed to pass all three of the stat checks in the second half of Episode 5. Previously, I’m not sure it was possible to pass all three checks without getting spanked at some point earlier in the game.
  3. Adds an additional stat choice after defeating the Episode 4 bad guy when she first shows up. The stat you pick doesn’t effect the flow of the story, so it’s a good opportunity to increase an otherwise neglected stat.
Episode 5 Complete!

Episode 5 is complete, and now uploaded.

Does Scarlet Moon stand a chance against the fierce Leopard? And what of this strange new woman lurking in the shadows, watching her? Who is she and what does she want with Scarlet Moon? Play and find out (assuming you aren’t already attracted to David or Natalie anyway).

Anklyana gains access to two more skills. Hopefully people have fun with them.

Twister now does damage at the start of a character’s turn, rather than the end. The damage is multiplied by the duration of their Away status, and they are cured of Away. This was done to keep Scarlet Spring still worth using in battles that include Tempestas, and to make it so that you have a choice: you can use Away to reduce the enemy’s damage, by eliminating their Attack, or to increase the damage you do to them, by inflicting them with Twister first, but you can’t do both.

Note that if two skills activate at the start of the turn, they activate in the order they were inflicted. So unless you want Scarlet Moon to be damaged by Twister (totally makes sense if you’re playing a team of superheroes who haven’t quite mastered teamwork yet), make sure to use s-chords before twister.

Like with the first half of Episode 5, this episode appears more linear than it is, because each love interest has scenes exclusive to them. There is also a fairly elaborate scene where you raid Leopard’s lair that includes no less than *3* stat checks. So hopefully people have fun.


September Update

I’ve finished writing all the content for the second half of Episode 5, as well as implementing the new powers for this episode. “All” that’s left is debugging and balancing. Hopefully, I’ll have some new content ready for you guys by the end of the month.



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