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Scarlet Moon 5.1.12

New version uploaded that fixes some crashes when attempting to load some save files.

If the game is crashing when you’re attempting to load one of your saves, I’d suggest downloading this version and giving it a try.


New version has been uploaded with Yet More Bugfixes.

— Fixes a problem where the game does not move onto the next round of combat correctly if the last person to go is incapacitated on their turn (i.e. taken out by retaliation).

— Fixes the phrase “Tempestas slingshots back into the fray” when it’s actually Yomama doing the slingshotting.

— Fixes a crash caused by Legostopheles attempting to paddle someone with the Twister status (thanks Wildfire!).

— Fixes a problem where some summons were unselectable due to having too high an index in certain cases (i.e. you managed to defeat one of Princess’ major minions) (thanks Wildfire).

The player can now talk their way out of a spanking from Mom at the end of episode 4. Before, the only way to avoid that spanking was by turning off the “Player spankable” option. But we’ve got at least one fan (Wildfire) who is trying to get through the game with a spankable PC without being spanked. Great challenge, and one that I don’t want to be unwinnable. Since this spanking is now avoidable, it increases your spankee stat if you fail to avoid it.


Uploaded a new version, with some more fixes:

1. Fixes a crash when you pass the Speed stat choice after being captured by Princess.
2. Fixes a bug where if you passed the Power stat choice after being captured by Princess, her *power* was being reduced by 75, rather than her *energy*.


Uploaded a new version, 5.1.7 with the following changes:

– Princess can now summon toys multiple times in a single battle (as opposed to only once). Princess used to be able to do this, except that people playing the Love version couldn’t directly target many of the toys because their number was too high (the Love version only supports selecting enemies with single-digit numbers). Fixing that turned out to be a giant headache, so I just set it so that Princess could only summon once. However, after talking to Wildfire on animeotk, I gave some more thought to it, and came up with a fix that is much simpler than my first attempt, but hopefully works just as well.

– The buff that Princess automatically gives her summons when they are first summoned has been toned down, since she can summon multiple times now.

– Tempestas can now resummon Yomama if Yomama has been defeated (just use the Yomama power again). Yomama will return with all her buffs and debuffs intact.

Bug fixes:

– Princess and Mr. Cuddles are now healed before the big fight at the end of episode 4. Before, if you fought them in part 1 of episode 4, they were starting with whatever they had left over from that fight.


Scarlet Moon 5.1.6

New version that fixes a problem with older save files. I changed the name of some of Sir Stuffins’ powers, but this meant that older save files couldn’t load.

Download this one if you’re having problem loading save files, especially from older versions of the game.


Scarlet Moon 5.1.5

A new version has been uploaded with some bug fixes kindly pointed out by Wildfire over at animeotk. Thanks Wildfire!

– Fixes the description of Airburst and Twister.
– Fixes a crash when you try to use Airburst, and attacking after using Twister.
– Tempestas’ powers were royally screwed up is what I’m saying.
– Fixes a crash when fighting Princess, because her summons weren’t being properly initialized before getting thrown into combat.
– Fixes a bug where Princess was summoning her minions on *your* side instead of *her* side.
– Fixes a bug where the game wasn’t saving Princess’ state, so if you passed the Speed test while fighting Princess, and then saved the game, she didn’t start the fight with the reduced energy she should have.
– Tweaks a bit of dialogue in episode 4 where the player references events in episode 2 that didn’t actually happen if you managed to defeat Succubus in Silver’s office.

Yeah, I skipped 5.1.4. Apparently I just really hate even numbers.

Scarlet Moon 5.1.3

New version up with some bug fixes:

1. I accidentally included some of the (incomplete!) content for episode 5 day 2. However, since the content is incomplete, the event syntax is wrong, so the game crashes when it tries to load the new content at the end of the current content.

2. I forgot to have the player equip their costume when you don’t go to the club with Juliana (i.e. when you’re not dating David), so you’re fighting a supervillain in your civilians!

3. Also included some better error messages in some of the save game loading code. Have one fan who seems to be having trouble loading old save files, despite my efforts to maintain backwards compatibility. Hopefully, this will help me debug the problem.

Get it at the Downloads section!

Scarlet Moon 5.1.2

A new version has been uploaded with a few tweaks based on some wonderful feedback from Wildfire over at animeotk:

1. The Shield status has been renamed the s-armor status to better differentiate it from the shield statistic (which the s-armor status increases).
2. S-armor now resets your shield if you cast it again. For example, suppose you cast s-armor to give yourself 20 shield points. Then an enemy attacks
you for 5 damage, reducing your shield to 15 points. If you cast s-armor again, your shield will be reset to 20 points. This allows you to periodically refresh
your shield without having to wait for it to expire, but it also keeps you from being able to stack loads of temporary hitpoints on yourself.
3. Powers can now reduce you to zero energy. Before they couldn’t reduce you below 1. This ensures that you don’t get to be invincible by getting down to 1 energy and then spamming s-armor every turn.
4. All three paths in the market in episode 2 now grant a stat up. Before, the only path that granted a stat up was by choosing to wait for Juliana, and then helping Vanessa. This was unintentional. The player should have access to the same number of stat ups regardless of what choices they make, so that role playing and optimal play aren’t in tension. Do note that I’m lazy, so these two new stat ups don’t actually affect the outcome of anything. So they provide great opportunities to strengthen a low stat!
5. Put back in a reference to a “paycheck” when Buzzsaw first meets you, so that one of your possible retorts actually makes sense again.

Yes, I know there was no 5.1.1. I have reasons! Super duper secret reasons that have nothing to do with realizing after I uploaded version 5.1.1 that I had not in fact done fix number 5. Nope. Nothing to do with that at all.

Scarlet Moon 5.1.0

Spankers, Spankees and Switches,

A new version of Scarlet Moon has been uploaded, with the first day of episode 5! This is basically the lovebirds episode, because all three romance subplots are advanced, including introducing a sexy leatherclad Domme to be a dominant female love interest. I’m very proud of how her introductory scene came out. Hopefully, it’s as good as I seem to think it is.

It should hopefully be pretty obvious which choices kick off the romance and which ones don’t, but if there’s any confusion, please let me know.

No sex, despite my earlier promises. I started working on the sex scene with David, but it wasn’t working. I don’t think your relationship with him is at a point where I want sex to happen yet, so instead we introduce a new villain. This is still the most sexual episode to date, so hopefully people will enjoy it.

It’ll probably feel a bit railroaded, mostly because the key decisions that guide your path through the episode (who you’re dating) are mostly decided in earlier episodes.

The content itself has a bit of a jenky flow. It’s not really one coherent storyline, so much as three separate vignettes. Don’t know if it’s good or bad, but it’s definitely a thing. Regardless, you can get it at the Downloads section