Monthly Archives: July 2019
Scarlet Moon 4.1.2

Just a quick update with a few fixes to bugs kindly pointed out by Gojira01 and 42idiot over on animeotk. Thanks!

Bug fixes:

1. Fixed a few occurrences of [name], rather than {name}, so the PC’s name wasn’t being resolved correctly.

2. Removed some lingering text from the old YAML-based story format.

3. Added the missing save/load buttons to the story commands screen.

Scarlet Moon 4.1.1

Another quick update. A few people voiced preferences for the textual descriptions of your bottom rather than the emojis. I prefer the emojis, so I decided to compromise by adding an option! It defaults to emoji, and should be fairly clear which option does what. If it isn’t, let me know. You can get the new version on the downloads section.

See the previous post for more details about the many changes introduced since episode 3.