Monthly Archives: July 2020
Scarlet Moon Transcripts

I’ve had a couple of people ask about the transcripts for Scarlet Moon. I’d stopped uploading them, because I figured everyone should be able to run the Loveless version (so the transcripts were redundant) and some optimizations I’d made to reduce load time had made creating the transcripts slightly more complicated.

However, I’ve had a couple of people ask about the transcripts so I went ahead and added back support for generating transcripts. You can now find them under the Transcripts section.

There are two versions, one where the PC is a girl named Scarlette and one where the PC is a boy named Adrian.

The transcripts allow you to play Scarlet Moon like it’s a plain CYOA. However, keep in mind that navigating it will be rather awkward, since the transcripts are fundamentally meant to be consumed by a computer not a human. I would encourage people to download the game itself if you want to experience the content. But if you prefer to read a plain website, or you can’t play the game itself for one reason or another, feel free to look at the transcript.

Scarlet Moon 5.1.14

A new version has been uploaded that fixes a crash caused when Tempestas’ Twister status is removed from a character (this can happen, e.g. when a character
is defeated, not just when the status expires).

Many thanks to Anonymous over on the Downloads page for reporting the bug, and helping me track it down!

July 2020 Scarlet Moon 5.1.13

A new version has been uploaded that fixes some crashes when fighting Princess and/or her minions with the Average AI. Hopefully this is the crash that Anonymous reported on the Downloads section!

I’ve had some pretty titanic changes in my life IRL, and I don’t have a new routine yet. While I’ve worked on the next day of content some, I haven’t had much time for it, and even less mental energy. I don’t expect I’ll be able to work on new content until August at the earliest. I should be able to find time for bug fixes though, so don’t hesitate to report bugs.