New version fixing some missing text.

Had some complaints about Bright’s original image. I’ve since replaced it with this:

Bright 0:
New Bright in game

However, I figured I’d generate a few more, and see if any of these others were more interesting:

Bright 1:

Bright 2:

Bright 3:

Bright 4:

AI hands and random kibble on the edges can be removed/obscured with a bit of cropping, so focus more on her design, body type, and making sure she doesn’t have a shoveled face.

Let me know if you think any of these are better, or if I should stick with Bright 0.

2 thoughts on “Bright

  1. While it’s not for me to decide what Bright looks like, I think Bright 1 and Bright 4 are closest to the vision I had in my mind for Alexandra’s body type. She’s a conventionally beautiful, athletic fencer.

    And I think Bright 3 might be the best (closest to description) superheroine costume.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I think we should prioritize physical appearance. I can always tweak the description of the costume a bit to line up with what’s in the image.

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