The Scandalous Scarlet Moon Twine Now Using Correct Stats

A new version with fixes to the stat names.

And the source

I had a complete brain cramp, and used the stats from Scarlet Moon 2 in the initial release of The Scandalous Scarlet Moon Twine Edition. Scarlet Moon uses Power, Speed and Strength, while Scarlet Moon 2 uses Power, Cunning and Charm.

For the first episode it didn’t end up being a big deal. The only place we use stats is the first fight with Buzzsaw, and those choices ended up mapping pretty well to the old stats as well. But this could be a bigger problem in later episodes when stats show up more. It would have been obnoxious to rework the stat choices in later episodes to line up with Scarlet Moon 2 stats. Better to just use the original stats the game was written for.

In addition to the links above, the most recent version is also available on the Downloads page.

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