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April Update

Not a whole lot to add. Chipping away at the second day of content. The second day has a fair number of paths, so it’s taking a bit, but we’re getting there.

Scarlet Moon 5.2.5

The previous version accidentally included some (incomplete) content from episode 6, which was causing the game to crash at the very end. This version fixes that!

Episode 5 Complete!

Episode 5 is complete, and now uploaded.

Does Scarlet Moon stand a chance against the fierce Leopard? And what of this strange new woman lurking in the shadows, watching her? Who is she and what does she want with Scarlet Moon? Play and find out (assuming you aren’t already attracted to David or Natalie anyway).

Anklyana gains access to two more skills. Hopefully people have fun with them.

Twister now does damage at the start of a character’s turn, rather than the end. The damage is multiplied by the duration of their Away status, and they are cured of Away. This was done to keep Scarlet Spring still worth using in battles that include Tempestas, and to make it so that you have a choice: you can use Away to reduce the enemy’s damage, by eliminating their Attack, or to increase the damage you do to them, by inflicting them with Twister first, but you can’t do both.

Note that if two skills activate at the start of the turn, they activate in the order they were inflicted. So unless you want Scarlet Moon to be damaged by Twister (totally makes sense if you’re playing a team of superheroes who haven’t quite mastered teamwork yet), make sure to use s-chords before twister.

Like with the first half of Episode 5, this episode appears more linear than it is, because each love interest has scenes exclusive to them. There is also a fairly elaborate scene where you raid Leopard’s lair that includes no less than *3* stat checks. So hopefully people have fun.


October 2019 Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Cranking away at the second part of Episode 4. It’s been a pretty productive month, and I’m about halfway through, so if I can keep up the pace, I expect I’ll have the new content posted in early to mid November.


Scarlet Moon 3.2.10 (May 2019 Update)

Spankers, Spankees and Switches,

So I finally worked up the guts to let a local friend who knows what I’m up to take a look at my game. It’s been very enlightening watching over their shoulder. This version contains a bug fix they stumbled across when trying to load their save file. I believe it’s only triggered if you try to change font size (particularly body font size) through the Options menu.

Furthermore, I’ve cleaned up to the office park scene at the beginning of the game, and rearranged the buttons some.

It became clear while watching my friend futz with the game that the UI is way too busy. In particular, there are too many buttons along the bottom row on the story screen. While they were added so that people could know what to do, it does mean it’s difficult for them to notice things like the scroll buttons. Plus, it just makes the screen look really crowded on their small laptop screen. So the utility style buttons ((T)itle, (O)ptions etc) have been moved behind “(Spacebar)Commands.” The key commands all still work the same as you’d expect, but you can click on Commands or press “Spacebar” to view the list of available commands, and from there click on the buttons.

Furthermore, I’ve also used that idea for story choices. So now, you can click on “(#) Choices” to see a list of buttons containing each choice, and then click on the appropriate choice. Which means the story screen is now 100% useable with the mouse! It’s a little bit clunky, but it’s the mouse. Mice are always clunky.

The next update will see the same treatment applied to the combat screen.

Again, *none of the key commands have changed.* You can still press 1 or 2 or 3 to select a choice from the story screen. You can still press “c” on the story screen to view your character. The buttons have just been hidden.

Also, the statistics have been moved off the character creation screen. There’s no reason for it to be there anymore, since your stats are now displayed on the story screen, and you can’t edit them anyway. Plus they were taking up valuable screen real estate on my friend’s very small laptop.

Let me know what you think of the changes.


Scarlet Moon HTML Version

Spankers, Spankees and Switches,

I’ve just uploaded a static, HTML version of the game. This is basically a transcript for the game, with some default choices made for the main charater: she’s female, her name is Scarlette, she has red hair, she wears a t-shirt, jeans, and a thong, she’s fit, slender and of average height.

I would *strongly* recommend actually downloading and playing the game instead. The game’s transcript is intended to be consumed by a computer, and it shows. Furthermore, you don’t get any customizations, you have to keep track of your own statistics and keywords, and you won’t get access to the combat. However, this will still let you enjoy the content if:

1. The game doesn’t run properly on your computer for whatever reason and I can’t figure out the problem.
2. You’d like to take a peek at the content before committing to downloading and playing the game.
3. You don’t feel comfortable downloading and executing a program from some random website on the Internet.

Note: If you just don’t want to deal with combat, but want the computer to keep track of everything else for you, you can disable combat on the Options screen instead. No need to use the static and rather awkward HTML version.

Get it over at the Downloads section


Scarlet Moon 3.2.9

Spankers, Spankees and Switches,

Just uploaded a new version Scarlet Moon 3.2.9 with two changes:

1. First a bug fix to the player spankable option. We weren’t loading it correctly, so that the game was always treating “player spankable” as true after loading. You’ll need to start a new game for the bugfix to take effect though.

2. A new option has been added “combat” with two settings: “Yes” and “No.” This allows you to enable and disable combat. If combat is enabled, then nothing’s changed for you. However, if you disable combat, then you’ll get some silly (textual) sound effects. If the combat is optional, you’ll get to decide whether you win or lose. This is intended for those of you who want to enjoy the smexy spanking goodness without having to deal with all that awesome RPG turn-based combat goodness, because not every spanko’s into smexy spanking RPG turn-based combat goodness. However, I would *strongly* encourage people to at least try the combat before disabling it. It’s the primary form of “gameplay” in this game.

Get it at the downloads section (or don’t if like seeing the player get spanked, and you enjoy the combat).

Scarlet Moon 3.2.7

Uploaded a few version that fixes a crash thanks to some malformed text. That’s what I get for not running the previous version before uploading it.

April Update Scarlet Moon 3.2.6

Spankers, Spankees and Switches 18 and above,

I’ve uploaded a new version of Scarlet Moon, 3.2.6. It contains a few bug fixes kindly pointed out to me by somebody whose handle I forget because I accidentally
deleted the e-mail. All fixes deal with a male player character, so if you don’t play a male character, there really isn’t any reason to download the latest version:

1. The game crashed if the player chose to wear regular swim trunks in episode 1, instead of a sexy sexy thong speedo. Come on guys, this is a porn game! Strut your
stuff! That has been fixed. 😉

2. Fixed a whole *mess* of places in episode 3 where we were using “his” where we should have been using “him.” Guess what the female equivalent of “his” is? “her.” Guess what the female equivalent of “him” is? “her.” Guess what gender I use when writing and debugging? “her.”

As far as current work, I’m cranking away at episode 4 day 1. I’m much happier with this episode than I was with episode 3. The villain is infinitely more fun to write. Hopefully she’ll be more fun to read too. We’ll also be seeing the introduction of new superheroine, and a little bit of (boring) insight into Keiko’s past! I’m hoping to have content ready by the end of the month, but we’ll have to see.

In case you don’t remember, Keiko’s the melodramatic Canadian roommate. She hasn’t really shown up since episode 1, so I figure it’s past due to feature her a bit. Especially since I’m not quite sure what to do with her. She’s fun to write, but I haven’t figured out an arc for her.

I’ll also be participating in the game jam that’s being hosted the week of the 15th over at animeotk. I’ll be posting it here as well once it’s ready.


Scarlet Moon 3.2.4

Uploaded a new version that upgrades to Love 11.2. One user had reported being unable to open the game on Windows as an exe (though they were able to run it after renaming the exe extension to love, weirdly enough). Apparently there was a bug in previous versions of Love that could cause it to not run properly on some versions of Windows 10. Not sure if that was the cause of my player’s issue, but I figured I’d upgrade to the latest version of Love just in case.

So if you’re having difficulty running the game on Windows, I’d encourage you to download this version.


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