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Scarlet Moon version 1.0.7

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Sorry about the website being down for however long it was down. A plugin that I wasn’t really using was misbehaving, so I’ve removed it.


Anyway, a new version is available for download. It fixes some bugs that were introduced by the previous version, as well as a few more subtle bugs that I’ve only just now noticed. The upshot is that you should be able to use powers now without crashing the game, and when you select the same gender for spanker and spankee, switches will automatically be set to the same gender as well.

Get it over at the downloads section!

And of course, many thanks to those of you who were kind of enough to report bugs and crashes to me.


Scarlet Moon 1.0.6 Released

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’ve just released a new version of Scarlet Moon, with fixes for the bugs that people have so helpfully pointed out. Note that I wasn’t able to replicate the NULL bug that one user was experiencing, on either of my machines. I did find a different bug while investigating that one, and fixed that however. Get the latest version on the Download page.

Anyway, here’s a detailed changelog for those who are interested:

## Fixed
    - Some missing dynamic gender text.
    - A place where the sexy costume event should trigger, but wasn't.
    - Scarlet Cord no longer does damage, and applies its cost to the user.
    - A bug where mulit-slot equipment was having its risque effectively 
    - A few missing gender checks, causing the player to have to select
        a gender for Vanessa even if she already has one.

## Added
    - Players can now access the character customization screen at any time.
    - Male players also equip a t-shirt when equipping their bathing suits.

## Changed
    - Removed some unnecessary continues and singleton choices.

Also, don’t forget that I am looking for anyone with any skill/experience in costume design to help design superhero/villain costumes. Details can be found in the previous post.


Calling All Costume Designers

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

So I didn’t get as much done as I’d planned over break. I started doing some work, but then realized that I needed a break, so I took it. Also,  I got some fun new shinies over break, and I wanted to play with them (I _love_ the skills in Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: Fafnir Knight. They have got to be some of the most interesting skills I’ve yet seen in an RPG).

But I’ve started to get back into it. I’ve written up an outline for episode 2, and sent it to my writers for feedback. I’ve finished the first pass of my combat refactor to support more interesting skills. Right now, I’m reworking my tests around combat to support the changes.

I’ve also fixed those bugs that I’ve been able to reproduce. Expect another release this weekend. It won’t have any new content, but it will have the following:

  1. Various bug fixes.
  2. I’ve removed a bunch of unnecessary singleton choices. They were a hold over from when I was experimenting with spanking sound effects, before deciding that it would be too much work to make the sound effects work well, and sound good.
  3. You’ll be able to open up the character creation menu no matter where you are. Basically, this will allow you to see your character’s current stats, as well as change your clothing, and appearance. Yes, it’s weird that you could change your outfit while in the middle of a battle with a supervillain, but you don’t have to. And I’ll make sure to include a brief scene at home at the beginning of each day, so that those of you who don’t want to break your suspension of disbelief have a time when it makes sense to change clothing.

Also, I’m looking for help from anyone out there from anyone who has any skill in visual design. Particularly costume/wardrobe design to help come up with costumes for the various superheroes/villains that will be introduced as the game progresses. Essentially, we’d give you some information about a supercharacter, and you’d help us  come up with an interesting costume for the character.  I want my heroes/villains to have flashy, colorful, and sexy costumes, but I for one have no skill in that costume design.


Edit: One thing I forgot to mention. CM Zero has released a management/spanking game over on called Peach Springs. It’s a wonderful game. Probably my favorite spanking game to come out since the Spanking Adventures by Robin Pierce (and those will always have a special place in my heart, because they finally inspired me to develop Potion Wars). I’ve added it to the Other Spanking Games tab. I haven’t played the most recent update yet, so my analysis may be a bit out of date.