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February Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Sorry the February update has been so late. The past few weeks have been kinda crazy, and I haven’t had a ton of time to work on my game (though I have been working on it when I can).

I’ve finished the bulk of the code for a fairly significant combat rewrite, and am currently working on fixing my tests.

Basically, what I’m trying to do is streamline combat some, and make it easier to have a variety of interesting powers in the future, though you guys won’t see many changes. In fact, there are only three:

  1. There is no longer the notion of a forced grapple. Grappling still moves both the grappler and the grapplee into the Grapple range, but it no longer forces them to be in range for a certain number of rounds.
  2. Spankings are no longer multi-round affairs. They are now a single round action that inflict the Humiliated status, and has fun flavor text.
  3. Combat will be truly turn-based (as opposed to round based). What this means is that you will give your characters their command, and specify the order in which the commands should be executed, and then the player’s characters will execute those actions in the specified order. Then your enemies will execute their actions.

The first two are changing because the previous mechanics just complicated my refactoring too much, so I decided to simplify them. Also, the multi-round spanking mechanic doesn’t mesh well with my current vision for combat.

The third change is because I have a better handle on how I want combat to work. Basically,  I want each hero to be very focused and have very different powers that allow players to chain them together in very interesting ways.

However, in order for this kind of chaining to be truly satisfying, the player needs to have complete control over which action executes when.

Grand plans falling apart because of bad luck are great in stories, but they usually just lead to frustrating gameplay.