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Madison “Mischief” Malone and the Dish Best Served Cold

I participated in the Spring 2019 Game Jam over at animeotk this past week. For it I created a small gamebook:

Madison “Mischief” Malone and the Dish Best Served Cold

You take on the role of Madison “Mischief” Malone, private eye in a 1930’s-esque America-esque. You’ve got a little bit of magic. Just enough to keep things moving smoothly in your favor, except when it backfires painfully anyway… However, all is not well in Maddie’s life, for a rival private eye
Rex “Smokin'” Gunn, keeps interfering in your cases! Well, it’s time for a little payback.

You can find the game under the Spanking Mini-Games tab along the top.

This is a gamebook in the same style as the gamebooks by Robin Pierce (Master of the Manor, and Dianne’s Promotion) except obviously much smaller (since it was written in a week). The key gameplay mechanic is the use of magic, and the management of Karma. Basically, karma is a measure of how annoyed the Universe is with you. The more karma you have, the happier the Universe is and the easier it is to use your magic in your favor. However, doing so uses up your karma, and when your karma gets low, suddenly things become a lot harder.

You’ll need the following to play:

1. Someplace to track your state (a simple text file in your favorite editor is sufficient).
2. Either a six-sided die or some other way of generating a random number between 1 and 6.

Go take a gander, and let me know what you think.