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Cosima Scene, New Etrian Odyssey Episode

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

First, we have a new version of Potion Wars up: Episode 2.12.



1. Added a scene written by Bonemouth for those of who you challenged Cosima to a sparring match in episode 1. Thanks Bonemouth! You can find Cosima in the guild. Just enter the main guild room, and hit talk. She should be there.

2. As requested, you can now purchase the childlike outfits that Ildri makes you wear if you piss her off enough. Note that you’ll need to start a new game in order to see them in the tailor’s inventory.

3. Fixed a bug where the dungeon crashes if you try to use the new (E)xit command in the episode 1 dungeon. I believe either the (E)xit command doesn’t show up at all for episode 1, or it just doesn’t do anything, since you’re not allowed to leave.

4. Modified the flavor text for spectral spanking to make the spell a bit less flexible in-story. While giant glowing hands spanking people is kind of funny, the ability to conjure glowing hands that mimic your every motion as a Tier 0 spell seems a bit absurd, and overpowered. Gameplay wise the spell hasn’t been affected.

5. Health gain and mana gain have been modified. Now, for health you gain 8 + however much health you went over the threshhold. So if  your threshhold is 30/35, and you get hit for 10 damage, you will gain 8 + (40 – 35) = 13 health. You now gain a straight +3 mana every time you gain a point in Talent.

6. A bunch of behind the scenes stuff to make writing dynamic text easier, and in preparation for game mechanics that will show up once the episode 2 dungeon goes live.


Also, I’ve moved the Transcripts into their own tab. Clicking on the transcript tab will take you to a bunch of links allowing you to download the transcript pdf, and source. There’s also a link to a webpage of the transcript. Hovering your mouse over Transcript will display a link to “Episode 2” that links directly to the webpage displaying the transcript. Note: The transcript only contains the first scene of episode 2. In general, transcripts will only be posted a little bit after an episode is completed. This is mostly because I want you guys to actually play my game, rather than just read the transcripts. The transcripts are intended to give new people a sense of what they can expect, and the rest of you the ability to look for paths you may have missed during earlier playthroughs, or to see if beating that one asshole boss is actually worth it.


I’ve also finally finished episode 6 of the Etrian Odyssey Let’s Spank. I’m sorry it’s taken so damn long (almost two months!), but I’ve had a lot of trouble writing it. I finally realized that the reason I was having so much trouble with this, and the previous episode are because of tone clash. I’d designed these characters for a fairly whimsical and silly story. Unfortunately, Sam’s little PRS attack has taken the story down a darker path than I’d designed these characters for. So this and the previous episode have basically been trying to mash a round peg into a square hole and wondering why I’m having so much damn trouble. So in this episode, the Sirens basically dig themselves out of that hole. This episode is still a bit too dark, but nothing was really resolved in episode 5, and I can’t just drop it and pretend it never happened. Anyway,  things will get much more light-hearted for episode 7.

Also,  I’m definitely going to stick to one episode a month, rather than shooting for two. I overestimated my productivity. I have this annoying tendency to do that. So expect the next episode around the end of July.

June Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Reminder: If you haven’t yet, make sure you download version 2.11 and save your game. Version 2.12+ will not be compatible with save games from 2.10-.

Not much exciting happening right now. I’m steadily working my way through the primary events of the episode 2 dungeon. I’ve written two events (one of which is quite large), and started work on a sequence of two or three smaller but interrelated events. Haven’t had much of a chance to work on Etrian Odyssey, unfortunately. Last weekend I worked on Potion Wars Saturday and Sunday, because during the week my computer was out of commission for a few days (naturally my computer has to not work when I’m not working a full time job -_-). This weekend, I spent all of yesterday with friends. The weekends are usually when I make the most progress, because I’m not drained from a full day of work. As a result, I try to spend at least one day working on Potion Wars, even if that means not working on Etrian Odyssey. I do try to spend at least an hour Monday-Friday working on Potion Wars, but those hours tend not to be as productive as weekend hours because of mental fatigue.