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August 2018 Update

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches Of All Ages (18 and above),

I’ve finished the first draft of content for the first day of episode 3. Next,
I need to:

1. Do at least one editing pass.

2. Implement the two new villains, and brand new superheroine. The bulk of this
will involve implementing and balancing their powers. This will be particularly
interesting, because I’ll be doing some interesting things with statuses with
the two villains, and the new hero will be doing some damage redirection, which
we haven’t seen yet.

Also, I stumbled upon some criticism of Scarlet Moon while browsing Earl tends to lose interest when I throw
massive walls of text at them. To address that, I’m going to try a little
experiment with this episode. Effectively, I’m going to try to break up long
events with some roleplaying (i.e. fluff) choices. You’ve seen a few of these
already, mostly as Scarlet Moon. You can typically tell there’s a fluff choice
if the third option is some variation of “Say nothing.” I’m going to try to add
more such choices, even when you’re in your civilians.

These should hopefully break up ginormous walls of text, without adding
significantly to my workload, and it should hopefully give players a a bit more
control of their character’s personality, both in and out of costume.

As of right now, you can generally expect three choices: a snarky choice, a
serious choice, and a silent choice, just like when you’re Scarlet Moon.

If there’s a particularly personality archetype you’d like to have the
opportunity to roleplay, please let me know in the comments. I can’t guarantee
that I’ll include it, or if I do that I will with every fluff choice, but I can
certainly try.