New version has been uploaded with Yet More Bugfixes.

— Fixes a problem where the game does not move onto the next round of combat correctly if the last person to go is incapacitated on their turn (i.e. taken out by retaliation).

— Fixes the phrase “Tempestas slingshots back into the fray” when it’s actually Yomama doing the slingshotting.

— Fixes a crash caused by Legostopheles attempting to paddle someone with the Twister status (thanks Wildfire!).

— Fixes a problem where some summons were unselectable due to having too high an index in certain cases (i.e. you managed to defeat one of Princess’ major minions) (thanks Wildfire).

The player can now talk their way out of a spanking from Mom at the end of episode 4. Before, the only way to avoid that spanking was by turning off the “Player spankable” option. But we’ve got at least one fan (Wildfire) who is trying to get through the game with a spankable PC without being spanked. Great challenge, and one that I don’t want to be unwinnable. Since this spanking is now avoidable, it increases your spankee stat if you fail to avoid it.

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