Scarlet Moon 5.1.2

A new version has been uploaded with a few tweaks based on some wonderful feedback from Wildfire over at animeotk:

1. The Shield status has been renamed the s-armor status to better differentiate it from the shield statistic (which the s-armor status increases).
2. S-armor now resets your shield if you cast it again. For example, suppose you cast s-armor to give yourself 20 shield points. Then an enemy attacks
you for 5 damage, reducing your shield to 15 points. If you cast s-armor again, your shield will be reset to 20 points. This allows you to periodically refresh
your shield without having to wait for it to expire, but it also keeps you from being able to stack loads of temporary hitpoints on yourself.
3. Powers can now reduce you to zero energy. Before they couldn’t reduce you below 1. This ensures that you don’t get to be invincible by getting down to 1 energy and then spamming s-armor every turn.
4. All three paths in the market in episode 2 now grant a stat up. Before, the only path that granted a stat up was by choosing to wait for Juliana, and then helping Vanessa. This was unintentional. The player should have access to the same number of stat ups regardless of what choices they make, so that role playing and optimal play aren’t in tension. Do note that I’m lazy, so these two new stat ups don’t actually affect the outcome of anything. So they provide great opportunities to strengthen a low stat!
5. Put back in a reference to a “paycheck” when Buzzsaw first meets you, so that one of your possible retorts actually makes sense again.

Yes, I know there was no 5.1.1. I have reasons! Super duper secret reasons that have nothing to do with realizing after I uploaded version 5.1.1 that I had not in fact done fix number 5. Nope. Nothing to do with that at all.

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