Uploaded a new version, 5.1.7 with the following changes:

– Princess can now summon toys multiple times in a single battle (as opposed to only once). Princess used to be able to do this, except that people playing the Love version couldn’t directly target many of the toys because their number was too high (the Love version only supports selecting enemies with single-digit numbers). Fixing that turned out to be a giant headache, so I just set it so that Princess could only summon once. However, after talking to Wildfire on animeotk, I gave some more thought to it, and came up with a fix that is much simpler than my first attempt, but hopefully works just as well.

– The buff that Princess automatically gives her summons when they are first summoned has been toned down, since she can summon multiple times now.

– Tempestas can now resummon Yomama if Yomama has been defeated (just use the Yomama power again). Yomama will return with all her buffs and debuffs intact.

Bug fixes:

– Princess and Mr. Cuddles are now healed before the big fight at the end of episode 4. Before, if you fought them in part 1 of episode 4, they were starting with whatever they had left over from that fight.


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