Scarlet Moon 5.1.5

A new version has been uploaded with some bug fixes kindly pointed out by Wildfire over at animeotk. Thanks Wildfire!

– Fixes the description of Airburst and Twister.
– Fixes a crash when you try to use Airburst, and attacking after using Twister.
– Tempestas’ powers were royally screwed up is what I’m saying.
– Fixes a crash when fighting Princess, because her summons weren’t being properly initialized before getting thrown into combat.
– Fixes a bug where Princess was summoning her minions on *your* side instead of *her* side.
– Fixes a bug where the game wasn’t saving Princess’ state, so if you passed the Speed test while fighting Princess, and then saved the game, she didn’t start the fight with the reduced energy she should have.
– Tweaks a bit of dialogue in episode 4 where the player references events in episode 2 that didn’t actually happen if you managed to defeat Succubus in Silver’s office.

Yeah, I skipped 5.1.4. Apparently I just really hate even numbers.

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