Scarlet Moon 3.1.9

Released the latest version, 3.1.9. This is mostly a maintenance release. It fixes the following bugs:

1. There was some text that wasn’t dynamic, but should be. So we had problems with the game referring to male PC’s as “she.” I fixed all the ones I could find, if people find any more, please let me know!

2. Fixed a crash when fighting Prometheus and Poseidon on the average intelligence. It was the same problem that afflicted Succubus way back when. I really need to start testing on average intelligence in addition to smart. Thanks to a certain fan for emailing me about the problem, and including a log. I knew the issue as soon as I saw the error message!

It also introduces two new stats: victory and defeat. Victory tracks how many optional fights you’ve won, defeat tracks how many optional fights you’ve lost. This will be used when people are gauging how competent you are.

Spanker and Spankee now tracks *all* spanking scenes, not just the ones as a superhero. Or at least, they should. Let me know if you don’t see thsoe stats go up after a spanking!

All saves should be 100% backwards compatible. Victory and defeat will just start at zero. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because the game doesn’t actually use absolute numbers when evaluating how competent you are. Basically, if you’ve won twice as many times or more as you’ve lost, you’re considered competent by people. If you’ve lost twice as many times as you’ve won, people consider you incompetent. If neither, people consider you middle of the road. Spanker and spankee work the same way.

I’ve also improved my event validation some. So that hopefully in the future new content will be more stable (not stable of course, but *more* stable).


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