Scarlet Moon 3.1.8

Uploaded a new version with a bug fix for a crash that triggers when you try to use the spank action given to you by s-paddle. Thanks to VikingSpanko over on animeotk for reporting the problem!

I used mediafire this time, because my internet is being painfully slow, and mediafire is more forgiving of slow uploads than Dropbox is.


2 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 3.1.8

  1. Great game and thanks for all your hard work on it.
    I have one gripe though.. i play as a male but there are many times when the text refers to female characters.. even about having a crush on the TA, Dave.
    i am sure it is difficult to pick there errors up as you seem to prefer the ‘hero’ as female, so it takes away some of the fun for me.

    otherwise a really good game which i am very appreciative and honoured to play.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll comb through the most recent stuff and see if I can find places where text isn’t as dynamic as it should be.

      If you could take notes as you play, and point out the places where you see the game mistakenly refer to the player as female, I would be very grateful. There’s a lot of text in there…

      And there will be a female love interest, if that’s what you’re concerned about. We just haven’t met her yet.


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