Scarlet Moon 3.1.0

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’ve just released the next version of Scarlet Moon: 3.1.0. This version has the first day of episode 3. It includes:

1. Your first of two potential love interests. The current plan is to have one dominant male love interest, and one submissive female love interest. While I’d love to have four possible love interests, things would either get complicated really fast, or generic really fast. I figured these two would cover *most* people who play my game since it does focus on spanking female bottoms. That being said, your gender imposes *zero* restrictions on which love interest you can hook up with.

2. Two brand new supervillains. One male, one female. They work the status system in a way that it hasn’t been worked before, so hopefully you guys will find them fun to fight.

3. An X/M spanking scene. It’s basically just a copy of an X/F scene with all the “he’s” replaced by “she’s” but hey, it’s an X/M scene! It’s also very easily avoidable for people who aren’t into that.

4. A brand new superherine(well, not *completely* new…)! She shows up for all of five minutes, but hey she’s there. You might even get to use her in combat!

5. A chance to really meet Natalie. No, you don’t get to spank that big nerdy bum of hers. Yet…

Get it over at the Downloads section.


2 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 3.1.0

  1. I can not go trough the first fight. When the first fight with Buzzsaw should start I don’t have any options. I tried multiple times with multiple choices leading up to the fight and when when Buzzsaw says “I GUESS I’LL JUST HAVE TO BEAT IT OUT OF YOU” there is a note saying what skills my character has learned but I can not do anything. Hope this gets fixed soon because I am really eager to play Ep. 3

    1. Yeah, somebody on animeotk pointed that out as well. The most recent version (which I *just* posted like 15 minutes ago, 3.1.2) fixes that bug. Sorry!

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