Cosima Scene, New Etrian Odyssey Episode

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

First, we have a new version of Potion Wars up: Episode 2.12.



1. Added a scene written by Bonemouth for those of who you challenged Cosima to a sparring match in episode 1. Thanks Bonemouth! You can find Cosima in the guild. Just enter the main guild room, and hit talk. She should be there.

2. As requested, you can now purchase the childlike outfits that Ildri makes you wear if you piss her off enough. Note that you’ll need to start a new game in order to see them in the tailor’s inventory.

3. Fixed a bug where the dungeon crashes if you try to use the new (E)xit command in the episode 1 dungeon. I believe either the (E)xit command doesn’t show up at all for episode 1, or it just doesn’t do anything, since you’re not allowed to leave.

4. Modified the flavor text for spectral spanking to make the spell a bit less flexible in-story. While giant glowing hands spanking people is kind of funny, the ability to conjure glowing hands that mimic your every motion as a Tier 0 spell seems a bit absurd, and overpowered. Gameplay wise the spell hasn’t been affected.

5. Health gain and mana gain have been modified. Now, for health you gain 8 + however much health you went over the threshhold. So if  your threshhold is 30/35, and you get hit for 10 damage, you will gain 8 + (40 – 35) = 13 health. You now gain a straight +3 mana every time you gain a point in Talent.

6. A bunch of behind the scenes stuff to make writing dynamic text easier, and in preparation for game mechanics that will show up once the episode 2 dungeon goes live.


Also, I’ve moved the Transcripts into their own tab. Clicking on the transcript tab will take you to a bunch of links allowing you to download the transcript pdf, and source. There’s also a link to a webpage of the transcript. Hovering your mouse over Transcript will display a link to “Episode 2” that links directly to the webpage displaying the transcript. Note: The transcript only contains the first scene of episode 2. In general, transcripts will only be posted a little bit after an episode is completed. This is mostly because I want you guys to actually play my game, rather than just read the transcripts. The transcripts are intended to give new people a sense of what they can expect, and the rest of you the ability to look for paths you may have missed during earlier playthroughs, or to see if beating that one asshole boss is actually worth it.


I’ve also finally finished episode 6 of the Etrian Odyssey Let’s Spank. I’m sorry it’s taken so damn long (almost two months!), but I’ve had a lot of trouble writing it. I finally realized that the reason I was having so much trouble with this, and the previous episode are because of tone clash. I’d designed these characters for a fairly whimsical and silly story. Unfortunately, Sam’s little PRS attack has taken the story down a darker path than I’d designed these characters for. So this and the previous episode have basically been trying to mash a round peg into a square hole and wondering why I’m having so much damn trouble. So in this episode, the Sirens basically dig themselves out of that hole. This episode is still a bit too dark, but nothing was really resolved in episode 5, and I can’t just drop it and pretend it never happened. Anyway,  things will get much more light-hearted for episode 7.

Also,  I’m definitely going to stick to one episode a month, rather than shooting for two. I overestimated my productivity. I have this annoying tendency to do that. So expect the next episode around the end of July.

15 thoughts on “Cosima Scene, New Etrian Odyssey Episode

  1. Very excited to see a new update, and I wondered why I couldn’t spar with Cosmia. Keep up the good work, really looking forward to the second dungeon, probably my favorite part of the first episode was the entire dungeon scenario. Gonna play through the game again to see the Cosmia scene. Thanks!

    1. Nice to hear you’re enjoying it so much! I’ve got most of the main plot events of the first floor (out of two) of the dungeon written. Once that’s finished, I’ll then need to pepper the first floor with encounters, implement the enemies (which shouldn’t take too long), make sure the new Tier 1 spells are implemented (which shouldn’t take too long), and balance the combat (which may take longer). Hopefully, we’ll have the first floor of the dungeon out by the end of July.

  2. May I suggest something for the Coisma scene?

    I totally understand that there should be no way for a novice to defeat a veteran in a duel, so I get why the scene is automatically a loss for the player. That doesn’t change the fact that I felt slightly cheated, since the event was based on a choice made in episode 1. I wonder if there’s a way you can have some kind of cleverly concealed method to win. Here are a couple of ideas I thought of:
    -Coisma seemed pretty overconfident, which could lead to exploitable mistakes. Not sure about this one, as it would boil down to picking whether you wanted to win or lose.
    -Perhaps Coisma has a weakness you can exploit (an injury from a battle long past that never fully healed, maybe). You could learn about this from someone who’s been around longer (like Maria or Morey). I understand if you want to leave the scene as is; after all, it’s your story. Just wanted to give my two cents.

    Oh, and one other thing: Are you eventually going to include a scene for those who wanted to wait to punish Paloma (hopefully I spelled that correctly) until she healed?

    1. First, thank you so much for your feedback, and I hope you’re willing to provide more in the future. I love it when people provide feedback, especially criticism like this.

      I’m sorry that you felt cheated by that scene. Keep in mind that these scenes are utterly unimportant from a plot perspective, and many people won’t see them because they don’t want to roleplay the kind of character that would get these scenes. Furthermore, the more time we spend on these scenes, the less we can spend on others. I’d much rather put a lot of time and energy (and choices and consequences) into scenes that are part of the main plot, and that everyone will see, than these little niche scenes that can be discovered. I’d love to be able to add options to every scene, but I’d also like to finish the game before my grandchildren die of old age.

      As for your ideas, I like them and they’re very good, however I don’t think they’d work. Cosima is so much better than you that all they’d really do is annoy her (unless you wanted to take the “old wound” thing way farther than I’d be willing to let you go). She’d be a tough opponent for an endgame character, let alone your character as they are now. That doesn’t mean your suggestions couldn’t be incorporated and lead to harder spankings, but again, time.

      However, there’s no reason why we can’t include a rematch at the end of the game, when your character will have a snowball’s chance in hell against her.

      Finally, yes there will be a scene to punish Paloma. Bonemouth is chugging through all of these guild member scenes right now. It’s taking so long because I have to focus on writing the main episode 2 events, and he’s the only other person involved in writing story scenes.

      1. Right, and there’s a scene of the spanking Mai promised of you took that path, which I started hope to get through soon.

      2. (For the record, this is the anonymous that posted the original Coisma scene suggestions)
        Like I said, I totally understand why you made that scene an automatic loss. And I didn’t mean to say that I felt cheated to an appalling level, just a little bit. I also understand how much work something like this takes, so don’t feel bad that you can’t put EVERYTHING you would like to in. Good luck moving forward!

        1. Thank you. And I do appreciate all the feedback you can give me, even if I decide not to act on it.

  3. Hey I just wanted to let you know that I may have found a bug. It seems that when I say yes to the “Can enemies spank you?” question in the beginning, it only works for the time that I’m playing. If I save, quit, and load up the file again, the setting it getting changed or something. I’ve tried battling without saving and quitting and the opponent will spank my character and counter my characters attempts occasionally, but when I quit I tried several times with many different opponents and never could get one to spank my character. I’m not entirely sure what’s causing this and I don’t know if my error file will be useful, since it isn’t really crashing or anything, but I thought I would give you a heads up.

  4. I haven’t played the Cosima scene yet. However, can I suggest, that you do have an actual playable fight in that scene? If Cosima’s stats are that high, the player will lose anyway, but by actually playing it out, you can give the player a taste of what its like to go up against an endboss 😉

    I did read episode 6. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would like to say you’re a great writer. I normally like my spankings lighthearted, but you write dark and still make it enjoyable. Kudos!

    1. Hilariously, I am currently in the middle of working on a variant of combat. I call it “catfight combat” though it won’t just be available to female PC’s. I’ll talk about it in more detail when it’s implemented and in the game, but the basic idea is that it will represent more or less harmless catfights, where you can spank your opponent, strip them, etc. and you win by maxing out your opponent’s humiliation rather than reducing their health. Eventually you’ll even get access to special silly spells. I’ll probably be using the fight with Cosima as a testing ground since it’s easily accessible.

      In other words, once that’s fully implemented (almost there. Just need to write a few descriptions for stripping, and then debug it) there will be an interactive wrestling match with Cosima and she will kick your ass.

      Also, thanks for the feedback on Etrian Odyssey, and I’m glad I’m managing to make the stories enjoyable, even if the last few haven’t exactly been your cup of tea. Like I said before, I’m going to try to make EO sillier going forward. The Sirens just don’t work with Super Serious. So hopefully episode 7 will be more in line with what you prefer.

      1. Not gonna lie, that sounds amazing! I look forward to the update.

        P.S. I’m finding myself posting up here a lot, so I should probably give myself a name so that I can discern myself from the other Anonymous-es. But I’ll hold that off till later.

        1. Glad you’re looking forward to it. Just don’t get your hopes up too high. At first, it’ll be pretty bare bones (for example, there won’t be any spells just yet, and with the exception of the spankings, the combat descriptions will all be the same regardless of opponent. Also the game balance will almost certainly be off).

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