Scarlet Moon 4.2.6

Spankers and Spankees,

A couple of bugfixes, one kindly pointed out by giant432, and three I stumbled across while fixing giant432’s bug. Thanks giant432!

1. The game was crashing when you had combat turned off, and the game tried to give you the win or lose page.
2. Backspace wasn’t working correctly (and by “correctly” I mean, “at all”) when inspecting a character in combat in the LOVE version.
3. You couldn’t actually save the game in the LOVE version if you didn’t already have a save file. Anyone who says Scarlet Moon isn’t friendly to new players…is apparently correct.
4. The Loveless version wasn’t able to load save files from the Love version, because of some options (the font sizes) that don’t exist in the console version.

You can get the latest version over at the Downloads section. Sorry about that!

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