Scarlet Moon 2.2.5

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages,

The next round of content is finally released: the first two days of episode 2 (the first day is very short). Scarlet Moon faces off against a brand new villain, armed with a new power: Scarlet Eyes (increases willpower at the expense of speed and strength). I’ve also made some balance tweaks to the first episode, fixed a few bugs where the player wasn’t gaining stats properly, and somehow made older saves subtly incompatible. They may load correctly, but Bonemouth ran into some instabilities when using an older save file. So it’s recommended that you start a new game (honestly you’d want to start a new game even if the save files were compatible. Otherwise you’d be shy a few statistic points, and that could make a huge difference).


* Added a new power: Scarlet Eyes, the willpower version of Scarlet Armor and Scarlet Boots

* Introducing a brand new villain with a host of her own powers.

* Characters all now have a fixed gender, except for the player. I know it’s a step back, but life is getting busier, so I’m trying to cut back where I can. Making character genders fixed is a huge time saver. Most characters are women, though Sam is a man.

* A whole mess of new content including six or seven spanking scenes? I don’t know. They’re hard to count and I’m lazy.


* During the course of the episode, the player will change out of their work clothing, into their costume, and then back into their work clothing. However, the game doesn’t remember what underwear the player was wearing before changing into their costume (and adding that will be a pain in the neck), so for now I have the player equip the thong if they’re a girl, and boxers if they’re a boy.

Get it over at the Downloads page.


8 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 2.2.5

  1. Hey Mr. Russell, it seems the game keeps crashing for me around the part with Vanessa and Rossi. Every choice I make eventually leads to a crash. I’m guessing that isn’t supposed to happen? Anyway, just wanted to tell you. I’ll keep playing for now, until maybe this can get fixed.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! Could you be a bit more specific though? I can’t seem to reproduce the crash. Does the crash happen as soon as you decide how to reply to Rossi, or a little bit afterwards?

      Furthermore, would you be able to e-mail me a log file from when it crashes? My email is a gmail address sprpgs.

      1. It crashes at different parts. It crashes if I pick the “Uh, I don’t know.” Part. If I pick “Yes mam.” or “Yup” it takes me to the next decision, but both of the choices afterwards crash no matter what I pick. And I’ll see if I can do that!

        1. Sounds like it’s crashing when attempting to show the restaurant scene. A save file would also be very helpful. It’s quite possible that you took some path that I haven’t in my tests, and that is causing the crash.

  2. I’m really enjoying the new chapter so far. Succubus has been a really different kind of villain than Buzzsaw, giving the new chapter a different feel than the first one had. I’ve got a few issues I wanted to let you know about, starting with some minor grammar/sentence problems I found. The first was really early on, while spanking one of Buzzsaw’s minions: It looks like the sentence is missing a part out of the middle. Later on in that first chapter, when two of the minions are arguing about South Park, one of them refers to Cartman as “Carmen”. After you return to your apartment following the first Buzzsaw fight, when you pick the dialogue option with Sam where you break down crying and avoid the spanking, Juliana says “Yes ma’am” to Sam, despite Sam being canonically male in this version. And finally, right at the start of the new episode, there’s the sentence “She hopped forward a few step,” where the word “step” should probably be “steps” (again, this is all really minor stuff, but I figured I’d let you know anyway).

    Apart from those, I noticed that the scene right before the fight with Succubus referenced Scarlet Moon having her bare cheeks exposed a couple times. The first was the line “She whipped toward the open door, her bare cheeks mere inches from the concrete.” After that, when Scarlet Moon’s brainwashed and being spanked with the riding crop before the battle, the text talks about her cheeks being bare as soon as she bends over. However, I had chosen the conservative outfit for this playthrough, which was described as covering Scarlet Moon’s bum with spandex. I wonder if maybe the game was loading up a description for the alternative sexy outfit? Or maybe I just missed something while reading.

    The biggest issue I ran into, though, was that when the battle started, I didn’t have the Scarlet Eyes power that the text beforehand said I was supposed to have. I decided to stop there and wait until an update before doing that fight, since I get the feeling that that power is gonna be key to winning the fight. Additionally, selecting “Fun’s over” as my dialogue option before the fight doesn’t load the fight at all, it displays all the text of the scene but then ends with some code written out. I also encountered an issue right before the second Buzzsaw fight, where I was told that I got a Willpower point, but I don’t think I actually got it.

    Thank you for all of the hard work that you’ve done for this game. I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far, and appreciate all of the writing and everything you’ve done to get it working right.

    1. Wow, thanks for pointing all those out to me! I’ll be getting a new version deployed shortly (in fact, it’ll probably already be out by the time you see this comment. Watch for a blogpost).

      Everything you point out is a bug. When I write, I do a first pass where everything is static (i.e. I assume the player chose the sexy costume and write accordingly). Then I do a second pass and make things dynamic. The places you point out about the costume are places where I failed to make the text properly dynamic.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the game so far. I’m also glad that Succubus feels very different, that was what I was shooting for after all.

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