ScarletMoon 2.2.7

Uploaded a new version that fixes a whole mess of bugs kindly pointed out by a couple of commenters on the previous post, and a few people on AnimeOTK.

— The game now automatically equips an outfit when changing out of
costume, because *some* people were very naughty and refused to change
out of their costume. As a result, the game violated a core assumption:
when the player is in their civilians, they are wearing either pants or a
skirt. The player is of course free to change the outfit at anytime.

— Fixed a bug where the player didn’t get a willpower point for
sneaking into the abandoned business park while looking for Buzzsaw.

— Fixed a reference to South Park.

— Sam is now correctly referred to as a dude.

— Fixed a few typos.

— Scarlet Moon now correctly learns Scarlet Eyes when she successfully
bursts into the restaurant.

— Scarlet Moon’s bottom is now referred to correctly when wearing the
boring conservative costume.

— Combat now starts when the player selects the “Fun’s Over” dialogue
option after successfully bursting into the restaurant.

7 thoughts on “ScarletMoon 2.2.7

  1. I appreciate how quickly you put out this update. The line “It’s Cartman, jackass” made me laugh. I wanted to let you know, though, that the option to sneak into the abandoned business park wasn’t where the game didn’t give me the Willpower point. Literally RIGHT before the second fight with Buzzsaw starts, there’s a line that says “Buzzsaw’s emboldened by her trick! She gains a +1 to Willpower, & a 5 point bonus to energy!” But there was no Willpower bonus after that line, that’s what I meant (and I’m guessing it was supposed to say ‘Scarlet Moon’ instead of ‘Buzzsaw’). In this new update to the game, the scene where you sneak into the abandoned business park now gives me two points to Willpower instead of one, so I guess in the end I still got the amount of Willpower I was supposed to, lol.

    I also noticed that, with the amount of Willpower I now had (8 points after all the various bonuses throughout the game), Succubus wasn’t able to brainwash me before the fight, so Succubus ended up being the one to get spanked instead of me. I thought it was neat that Willpower determined whether the pre-fight brainwashing worked or not in that scene. I thought the fight itself was very easy, since my high Willpower let me dodge Succubus’s brainwashing tactics, and she only had two of her minions with her. The Scarlet Flare skill is a lifesaver in terms of neutralizing non-gunner minions.

    After the fight was over and I finished the episode, I reloaded and picked the Speed stat check (my lowest stat, at 5) to see how things would play out, and saw that failing the stat check led to a more difficult fight with more minions, and my slightly lower Willpower made me more susceptible to Succubus’s brainwashing skills throughout the fight (I also thought that the description of Scarlet Moon flying through the air, clutching her smacked butt after failing the stat check was cute). I like that the way you build your stats has an effect on how things play out. My strength and willpower are pretty high, but I imagine that in future updates my low speed is eventually gonna bite me in the ass (or smack it, given the story we’re dealing with here).

    Thank you again for the work you put into creating this game, it’s been very enjoyable! I’m looking forward to seeing the story continue!

    1. Well pooh. This is what I get for not paying close enough attention to my own game. I’ll post a new release tomorrow that drops the extra willpower point.

      As far as your original problem, that isn’t a typo. You see, Buzzsaw did in fact successfully ambush you. So she gained an extra point of Willpower for the course of that battle. In other words, if you eavesdrop on Buzzsaw, she’s a slightly harder fight than if you ambush her right away.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the new content so much! Also glad you enjoyed the battle. Can’t tell you how much of a pain in the ass it was implementing Succubus’ skills.

      1. I’ve uploaded a new version that removes the extraneous increase in willpower. Scarlet Moon will now only gain 1 willpower point for sneaking into the abandoned business park, not two.

        1. I am trying to run version 2.2.8 but when I hit the .exe file, I receive an error message

          ‘parcl has stopped working’
          I noted ‘parcl’ is in the description for the ScarletMoon.exe file itself but can’t discern what might be making it stop, any ideas?

      2. Ooooooh. So I actually *wasn’t* supposed to gain that extra willpower point. Maybe that’s why I kept dodging all of Succubus’s brainwashing tactics in our fight, I had a higher Willpower than I was supposed to. I’d like to go through the game again and try the fight again with the correct amount of stats, but I’m having the same problem that Mr.005 is having, the file for 2.2.8 is giving me an error message. It looks like the folder has less stuff in it than 2.2.7 had, so maybe the upload is missing some essential stuff that allows it to start?

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