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June Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Reminder: If you haven’t yet, make sure you download version 2.11 and save your game. Version 2.12+ will not be compatible with save games from 2.10-.

Not much exciting happening right now. I’m steadily working my way through the primary events of the episode 2 dungeon. I’ve written two events (one of which is quite large), and started work on a sequence of two or three smaller but interrelated events. Haven’t had much of a chance to work on Etrian Odyssey, unfortunately. Last weekend I worked on Potion Wars Saturday and Sunday, because during the week my computer was out of commission for a few days (naturally my computer has to not work when I’m not working a full time job -_-). This weekend, I spent all of yesterday with friends. The weekends are usually when I make the most progress, because I’m not drained from a full day of work. As a result, I try to spend at least one day working on Potion Wars, even if that means not working on Etrian Odyssey. I do try to spend at least an hour Monday-Friday working on Potion Wars, but those hours tend not to be as productive as weekend hours because of mental fatigue.