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Spankers, Spankees and Switches,

I had several reasons for deciding to create and release first Potion Wars, and then Scarlet Moon. One of the most important (and selfish) was how very few spanking games there were out there when I started. You had the start of a few on animeotk, you had Robin Pierce’s gamebooks, and a few old AIF with some minor to decent spanking content, but that was it. I was hoping that if I could create a good enough game, other people would be inspired and would write games that I could play, much as Pierce inspired me.

Well, it looks like in at least one case, that has born fruit: Welcome to Puttsdale by Victor Mammoth. At least, according to a message from the author (I can be bribed with flattery is what I’m saying). Welcome to Puttsdale has been in development for a few years now (if you frequent animeotk, you’re probably already aware of it). It’s a text-based game written in Twine, with quite a bit of narrative depth to it. There are a lot of characters in Puttsdale all living their own lives and experiencing their own spanky drama. The purpose of the game is basically to explore the town, meet the townsfolk and see how many scenes you can unlock.

I say “unlock” because there’s much more to finding scenes than wandering around town and talking to people. Some scenes can only be found at certain times of day. Others require certain stat levels or equipment. Some are only unlocked after unlocking other scenes. It feels a *lot* like old-style adventure games where you had to wander around, discover puzzles, find items, and find clues that hint at how to use the items to unlock the puzzles (which unlock spanking scenes). The writing is also very engaging and the spanking scenes are sexy.

I only have two gripes. The first is that I’m not a big fan of the “wander around and find the spanking scene” format. Partly, this is because most spanking games currently out there (i.e. on animeotk, the only place I’m aware of where there is any sort of spanking game making community) are of this format, so it’s gotten a bit old for me. Partly, this is because I find scavenger hunts to be kind of tedious. My second gripe is that there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to roleplay (at least that I’ve found, I haven’t gotten very far though). While the game is highly interactive, it’s more of an old-style adventure game than a choose your own adventure, and like old-style adventure games your character doesn’t really interact with people beyond a rather superficial level. Basically, your character feels kind of like the narrator from the Great Gatsby: a narrative device more than an actual character.

The first gripe however just boils down to taste. Some people don’t like RPGs either. Doesn’t mean my game is bad, or that people shouldn’t at least try it. The same applies here. My second gripe is simply the reality of hobby projects. Victor Mammoth only has so much time, and they have to be very careful about what they work on. They’ve chosen to create rich item puzzles rather than roleplay opportunities, and that’s a perfectly valid design decision. Indeed, you could argue that my game’s “roleplay opportunities” are dialogue options that do *nothing* anyway, so it’s not like my game is full of rich roleplay either. More like half-assed roleplay that’s more marketing than fact, because I’d rather write purple prose about Juliana’s bouncy bottom and develop a really weird combat system than build out more than two real choices at a time.

A recent version of the game has introduced a map that allows you to leap directly to various places in town, which had been a *major* source of tedium in earlier versions. Furthermore, this is an excellent example of the “find the spanking scene” genre. So I would strongly encourage everyone here to check it out.

As far as pairings, most of the game appears to be X/F, though you can choose your player’s name, gender and age (18-23 years old).

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