Warning: Changes to Save file format

Spankers and Spankees,

No update today (sorry). Rather, I wanted to give you a warning. While fixing some of the latest bugs and crashes, I realized that I made a mistake when structuring the save file format. I had a choice between modifying the save game file, and trying to implement some sort of kludgy hack. Since the game is still new and very much in flux, I decided to modfiy the save game file format.

Your current save games will NOT be compatible with the next release.

I’m sorry about that, and I hesitated to modify the save game format. However, since there really isn’t that much content yet, I felt that losing your save games wouldn’t be too painful, especially considering all the paths I tried to put into the game for the sake of replayability.

I haven’t finished testing my fixes yet, so don’t expect a new version until tomorrow evening or Wednesday. Until then, I would recommend against playing because you will lose all your progress.

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