The flyswatter has been applied with great prejudice

Spankers and Spankees,

I’ve fixed (hopefully) all the crashes and bugs that Zekel, Skull612, and Uninventive have pointed out (especially Uninventive). Thank you so for your patience, and feedback!

That’s not all however. No, I’ve been very busy these past two days. Yes. Very busy.

First, I’ve removed the Windows executable. Sorry, but it’s pretty much unplayable right now, so there’s no point in having it up, until I can a Windows 7 machine again.

Second, I’ve uploaded the most up-to-date Ubuntu executable torrent and I’ve uploaded the Ubuntu executable directly to MediaFire for those of you who don’t like torrents. See the Downloads page.

Third, I’ve licensed the source code under the GNU GPL v3, and uploaded it to a github repository. You can pull the source code off of there if you’re interested. It has everything except for the music files, because I’m not allowed to send the music files in plaintext. Sorry.

As far as users like us are concerned, all the GNU GPL v3 really says is that you are free to take my code, modify it, add to it, and use it in your own programs. HOWEVER, if you choose to release a program that uses my code, you MUST also release the source code. Probably the easiest way to guarantee compliance is just to “fork” the repository. This will create a different, public repository for you that you can modify without affecting the version that I’m modifying, and I can modify the original version without affecting your version. Furthermore, because the fork will be public, your source code will be released for you.

For those of you using Windows or Mac, and who refuse to install Ubuntu, downloading and running the source code is the only way to currently play the most up to date version. For more details on how to get the source code running, see the README.txt file included in the repository.

I’ve added some error logging to the code (which I should have done from the beginning). Now, if the game crashes, the error will be written to a file called “errors.log” that will show up in the same directory as the game. If the game crashes, please do the following:

1. Send me the errors.log and your latest savefile before the crash (assuming you can save). Make sure to give your e-mail a meaningful name that isn’t too long, such as “Potion Wars Bug: Can’t fight the boss.” or something.

2. Go to the github repository. Along the righthand side you should see a small link called “Issues.” Click that link. Then, create a new issue, and give it the “bug” label (you should see a list of labels along the right of the textbox in which you can describe the issue). Give it the same title as the e-mail you sent me, and explain the bug in as much detail as possible. In particular, describe in as much detail as possible what you did that triggered the bug, and how to get there from the savefile you sent me. This is as much for other players’ benefit as it is mine: what you say will help them avoid the bug themselves until I can fix it.

Note that I have deleted the Bugs tab. I will NO LONGER be tracking bugs manually on a page of this blog. It is HIGHLY recommended that you go and look at the issues page before you download the game, so that you know what bugs there are to avoid.

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