September Update

So I’m eyeballs deep into the debugging of the Great Refactor. Right now, I’m working on debugging combat (the most complex piece, so naturally the buggiest).

At this stage, I’ve got attacking, and moving (moving is one of the more complex parts) working correctly. Right now I’m working on making sure skills work properly.

Events are also working correctly, I believe, as is saving and loading.

Fortunately, while I’ve found a ton of bugs, all of them have been pretty straightforward to fix (one bonus of the Great Refactor: everything being modified is local, and methods can’t do all sorts of wild and crazy shit behind the scenes, so it makes it a lot easier to track down the misbehaving code).

I’ve also been working on some of the writing for the rest of the first episode.

Sorry this is all taking so long. But I have a much better handle on how the codebase works, especially how the GUI is communicating with the rest of the system, so _hopefully_ this means we’ll have fewer of those weird-ass bugs that I couldn’t track down.


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