September 2018 Update

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’d hoped to have the first day of episode 3 ready by now, but alas, I do not.
Sorry. I failed to account for the fact that it usually takes me about a week
or so to shift my headspace from “writing” to “coding” so I haven’t been as
productive implementing the powers and characters as I hoped. I’m currently
working on implementing the villains’ powers, and the powers for Tempestas.
Should definitely have something by October, possibly earlier depending on how
many bugs I run into.

Also, I recently linked a new game to Other Spanking Games. It’s a CYOA called
the Rear Gaze Hotel. I really enjoyed it, so I’d encourage you to go check it
if you haven’t already. Hopefully, it can keep you mollified until I release new
content for Scarlet Moon.


2 thoughts on “September 2018 Update

  1. I noticed the header says 2019 instead of 18 and was really confused, lol.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store this month!

    1. That’s because I COME FROM THE FUTURE!

      It’s not really all that different from the present. Except for the fiery balls of death that rain from the sky about once a month or so.

      I’ve fixed the title.

      As for what I got in store for this month, it’s eh, more delays. This time I blame the new Spider-Man game. Because it’s awesome and sucked up a lot of the time that I would otherwise work on developing.

      That being said, I’m in the testing phase right now, so I’m close to releasing the first day of episode 3.


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