Scarlet Moon 7.1.9 Now with Transcripts

Got a couple of bugfixes here, including one for a crash waaay back in Episode 5 when you’re exploring a house (hopefully!), a crash in Episode 7 during your first encounter with the villain, and a bug that was causing the game to display the male character clothing text even when playing a female. Relatedly, there was a bug where I wasn’t correctly displaying the new option: clothingstyle.

So, we have a new option now: clothingstyle. This allows the player to tell the game which gendered set of clothing to put on when putting on clothing automatically. So for example, when the game automatically puts the player in their work clothes, if the setting is “genderbased” (the default), a female PC will wear a skirt, a male PC will wear pants. However, if clothingstyle is set to “female” then the PC will equip a skirt even if they are male. If clothingstyle is set to “male” the PC will equip pants even if they are female.

Furthermore, as a part of these bug fixes, I got the transcript-generating code working again, so we now have a transcript up that contains the last episode of content. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 7.1.9 Now with Transcripts

  1. I can’t seem to find episode 7 in the transcripts, and it doesn’t look like the transcripts in the upper bar have been updated.

    I’ve very much enjoyed reading through Scarlet Moon, and look forward to seeing what you choose to write next. Congratulations on finishing such a major project!

    1. Sorry about that, looks like I forgot to update that link (though I did update the link on the transcripts page, so I wasn’t *completely* lying). It’s been fixed now, thanks for pointing it out.

      Also, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the game so much!

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