Scarlet Moon 7.1.4

A new version of Scarlet Moon has been released that fixes a crash in the first episode experienced by anybody who uses anything other than the “genderdetermined” setting for their clothing. Basically, there was an assert floating around in there that I used for some ancient debugging session that I never removed.

Many thanks to the fan who pointed out the crash for me!

Also, been poking at Mischievous Misfortune here and there. A big problem that I’ve been wrestling with is that the Twine UI is HORRIFICALLY basic. It doesn’t let you do ANYTHING. It doesn’t even let you search in your current passage! *Notepad* lets you search! If your text editor has fewer features than Notepad, then you have *got* to work on your priorities. So that’s made development incredibly slow, clunky and frustrating, which has been killing my desire to work on it.

However! While searching the internet for solutions, I stumbled across a wonderful little program called Tweego:

It’s basically a command line utility that lets you write your game in one or more files using your own damned editor, and then compiles it into a Twine game for you. No need for that horrifically basic UI. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s been making things so much smoother for me.

So yeah, hopefully we’ll start to see some actual progress on Mischievous Misfortune soon.


6 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 7.1.4

  1. Hey Aka,
    it seems as if the newest version of Scarlett Moon runs into problems with AMD drivers. When I try to start the love version with the windows executable, the console opens but the actual game window stays blank (or black when minimized). The loveless version worked though. There have been several reports about similar problems with flash based games in other forums as well. Funny enough I played an older version recently (7.1.3 or even 7.1.2) and it worked.

    1. Hmm. That’s weird. I haven’t done anything between those versions to the underlying engine. But the fact that the Loveless version is working means it’s an incompatibility between Love and your graphics drivers.

      I could probably try upgrading the version of Love, if I’m not already on the most recent version. That’s probably the only thing I can do to fix it.

      Thanks for letting me know!

      1. I don’t know if you already changed anything, but I tried the newest version again today, and it suddenly worked, even though I didn’t update my graphics driver or change any settings.

        1. Yeah, Love doesn’t always seem to play nice with various graphics cards. I know it’s a problem that’s bedeviled them for a long time, and is a big part of why I decided to move away from using it, despite loving Lua as a language.

  2. So there’s a new version of Twine that does let you search in your prose with Ctrl-F. Also, there’s a “Find and Replace” function… basically, they’ve given the UI a pretty massive overhaul, and it’s improved significantly. But, glad you got the original thing set up better.

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